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The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language , short: TOCFL ( Chinese  華 語文 能力 測驗 , Pinyin Huáyǔwén Nénglì Cèyàn ), previously known as Test of Proficiency - Huayu , short: TOP , is a language test for standard Chinese as a foreign language. It is comparable to the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi , but in contrast to this, it is carried out by the Republic of China (Taiwan) .


The test was introduced in November 2005 and was first conducted by the Chinese Language Testing Center . In January 2007 the center was renamed to today's SC-TOP.

The test is led by the Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu , in short: SC-TOP ( 國家 華語 測驗 推動 工作 委員會 , Guójiā Huáyǔ Cèyàn Tuīdònggōngzuò Wěiyuánhuì ). The committee reports to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China.

Test locations

The test can be held at several test locations in Taiwan. Several international partner institutes carry out the test. In Germany, the test is usually carried out in May / June by the Taipei representation in cooperation with universities and Chinese schools at several locations (Berlin, Bochum, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart). In Düsseldorf, the test is carried out using a computer. The University of Vienna in Austria and the University of Zurich in Switzerland conduct the test.

Test setup

The TOCFL consists of the categories of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and writing, with only reading and listening comprehension being tested abroad. When registering, you can choose whether the test should be taken in long or short characters . The test is based on the common European framework of reference for languages .

Abroad, six levels in three levels A, B and C as well as the preparatory level have been tested since 2012:

Level range Chinese Level GeR vocabulary
Preparatory stage 準備 級 , zhǔnbèi jí 準備 級 一級 , zhǔnbèi jí yī jí

準備 級 二級 , zhǔnbèi jí èr jí

- 150/320 words
A. 入門 基礎 級 , rùmén jīchǔ jí 1 + 2 A1 + A2 500/1000 words
B. 進階 高 階級 , jìnjiē gāo jiējí 3 + 4 B1 + B2 2500/5000 words
C. 流利 精通 級 , liúlì jīngtōng jí 5 + 6 C1 + C2 8000 words

The test takes about 120 minutes. When registering, only the level area has to be selected. The two levels of a level range have different minimum scores. Which certificate is issued depends on the number of points achieved.

The vocabulary list is available as 8000 Chinese Words on the SC-TOP website. The different worksheets correspond to the respective level.

Test until 2011

Up until the introduction of the new test format, there were four levels, but they were named differently. Preparatory vocabulary lists have also been made available for them:

Individual evidence

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