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The New York Review of Books ( NYREV or NYRB ) is a bi-weekly magazine about literature , culture and politics published in New York . It is to be distinguished from the New York Times Book Review , the weekly literature supplement of the New York Times . NYREV considers the discussion of important books to be an indispensable literary activity in itself. The circulation in 2013 was 142,000 copies.

In addition to book reviews and articles from the literary feature pages , the NYRB has also published articles on political topics from the start. Since its inception, the magazine has generally been one of the most renowned papers in the English-speaking media landscape.


The New York Review was founded in 1963 by Robert B. Silvers (1929–2017) and Barbara Epstein (1928–2006), together with A. Whitney Ellsworth (1936–2011) as publisher. The opportunity arose during the New York printers strike that same year, when the book publishers had to rely on the failure of the daily newspapers to distribute reviews of their new publications by other means. Since 1984 the NYRB has belonged to the publisher Rea Hederman, who assured the makers of complete editorial independence and, according to the statement of the co-founder and editor-in-chief Robert Silvers, has kept this promise. Ian Buruma was appointed editor-in-chief in 2017, but only held that post until September 2018.

The first editions of the Review included articles by authors such as WH Auden , Elizabeth Hardwick , Hannah Arendt , Charles Rosen , Edmund Wilson , Susan Sontag , Robert Penn Warren , Lillian Hellman , Norman Mailer , Gore Vidal , Saul Bellow , Joan Didion , Robert Lowell , Truman Capote , William Styron and Mary McCarthy . The public bought practically the entire run of the first edition and thousands of letters were written urging it to continue.

The New York Review Books

Since 1999, the New York Review Books have been published as part of the Review , with the departments NYRB Classics , NYRB Collections and NYR Children's Collection . The NYRB Classics publishes books printed in the USA that are now out of print, as well as new translations of classics. NYRB Collections are collections of articles that have already been published in the review.

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