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Thede Kahl (* 1971 in Hamburg ) is a German Slavist . He is a professor at the University of Jena specializing in European history .


Thede Kahl studied geography , classical philology and Russian philology for secondary levels I / II at the University of Münster between 1991 and 1994 . For the next three years he continued his studies in Slavic Studies , Geography and Byzantine Studies at the Universities of Münster, Cologne and Hamburg. Internships in Moscow and Thessaloniki followed. In 1998 he organized and carried out a comprehensive socio-demographic and ethnic survey on aromas in the Balkans. The results of this survey are the subject of his dissertation, Ethnicity and Spatial Distribution of the Aromanians in Southeastern Europe . In 2007 he completed his habilitation on the subject of shepherds in contact. Language and culture change of former shepherds at the University of Vienna .

His current research interests include: Endangered dialects and non-standard variants, ethnographic and ethnolinguistic field research, minorities in Southeast Europe and Asia Minor, interethnic and interreligious coexistence in the Black Sea region, cultural relations between the South Slavs and their neighbors.

Thede Kahl has worked on the following projects: Head of the EU project Interphraseology for study and professional vehicles, head of the FWF project Language and Culture Change of Wandering Shepherds (Albanian, Aromanian, Greek, Macedonian (South Slavic)), project coordinator of the completed project Interethnic Relations of Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Southeastern Europe of the Science Center North Rhine-Westphalia with the Institute for Geography at the University of Münster, member of the DFG project Types of Self-Identification of Meglenitic Vlachen, member of the DFG project Small Balkan Language Atlas

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