Titus Vitrasius Pollio

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Titus Pomponius Proculus Vitrasius Pollio was a Roman politician and senator of the 2nd century AD.

Pollio came from a patrician family , his father was probably Titus Vitrasius Pollio, suffect consul around 137/138. His career began under Hadrian as triumvir monetalis . As a candidate for the emperor, he was quaestor , praetor and praefectus alimentorum .

Around 151 Pollio became a suffect consul, between approx. 157 and 159 legate of the Roman province Moesia inferior (Lower Moesia ) and between approx. 164 and 167 of Hispania citerior . Finally Pollio became proconsul of Asia around 167/168 and took part as comes from 168 to around 175 in the campaigns of Lucius Verus against Teutons and Sarmatians; for which he received high awards. I.a. an honorary statue was erected for him in military clothing on the Forum of Trajan and one in civilian clothing in the pronaos of the temple of Antoninus Pius . In 176 Pollio held his second consulate. Pollio was one of the companions of Marcus Aurelius in the Marcomannic Wars ; he died during these clashes (before 180).

Commodus had his daughter Vitrasia Faustina killed in 181 or 182; his wife Annia Fundania Faustina, a cousin of Marcus Aurelius, in 190.