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A Tomoffel (also Tomtoffel ) is a somatic hybrid (mixture) of tomato and potato . This can be generated by protoplast fusion . In the process, the cells of the tomato and potato combine with each other. Contrary to the name, not one type of fruit is produced, but two: tomatoes and potatoes on or under the plant. However, this combination of tomato and potato turns out to be so genetically unstable that it cannot produce fertile seeds.

Another option is to graft a tomato plant onto a potato plant as a base . This combination is also known as “Tomoffel” and is not affected by the genetic instability of cell hybrids. (It forms normal tomato fruits.)

The tomoffel belongs to the nightshade family . The first hybrids were bred by the Tübingen biologist Georg Melchers in 1978.

The word Tomoffel was first used by Ernst Penzoldt in his novel Die Powenzbande , published in 1930 .

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