Gate Dike

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Section of the Dyke Gate, built under Venutius against the Roman invasion

The Tor Dike are the remains of an approximately 2000 m long linear earth wall that protected the access to Coverdale from Upper Wharfedale. The linear fortification is east of Starbotton in North Yorkshire in England .

Gate Dike

The Tor Dike consists mainly of a trench cut vertically into the limestone soil . It is reinforced by a wall with an average height of 1.8 m, in which there are gaps in the wall and ditch at the original access. Adjacent to apparently contemporary small enclosures and hut circles of the Iron Age type , other enclosures set into the moat in several places seem to be later.

The Hunters Stone is located near Coverdale .

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Coordinates: 54 ° 10 '35.9 "  N , 2 ° 1' 30.9"  W.