Ski touring boot

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Touring boots

Touring ski boots (also: touring boots ) are special shoes for ski mountaineering . They are very similar to ski boots for downhill skiing , but they have some differences in the details.

A modern touring ski boot must have two properties that are difficult to reconcile: On the one hand, it should be light and flexible for the ascent. On the other hand, the alpine descent requires a certain stability of the shoe in order to guarantee correct ski guidance. Therefore, a distinction is made between downhill-oriented and ascent-oriented touring ski boots, depending on the characteristics of the predominant properties ( more stable and heavier or more flexible / softer and lighter ).

Furthermore, the shoe should be equipped with a grippy profile sole that allows you to walk safely on rocky and slippery terrain.

Further characteristics of a good touring boot are:

  • Crampon-proof
  • Two-part (outer shoe and removable inner shoe)
  • light weight
  • comfortable on the ascent with a firm hold on the descent