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The Trescher Verlag publishes primarily Individual Travel Guide to Eastern Europe , Russia , the other CIS countries as well as Central and East Asia. In addition, travel guides for river cruises, city guides and German regional titles are part of the publishing program. Around 120 titles from Trescher Verlag are currently available in German bookshops or online shops.


Trescher Verlag was founded in Berlin in 1992 and is still the headquarters of the publishing house today. The publisher's first travel guides dealt with travel destinations in Eastern Europe, initially mainly in Poland. The publishing program was expanded in the following years to include travel guides to other Eastern European destinations as well as Russia and Central Asia. In this phase the publisher saw itself as a “specialist for the East”. Travel guides for cruises and river cruises have become another focus of the program over the years.

Following regional titles on Brandenburg, Trescher Verlag has expanded its publishing program in recent years to include titles on regions of interest to tourists in Germany and Austria as well as on South and Southeast Asia and the Orient. Trescher Verlag has the only travel guides available on the German-speaking book market for some travel destinations, such as Moldova , Belarus , Kyrgyzstan , North Korea and Kamchatka . The publishing program currently includes travel guides to around 125 travel destinations worldwide (as of June 2019) .

Character of the travel guide

A feature of almost all Trescher travel guides is the in-depth background information in the introductory section called “Land and People”, which accounts for up to a third of the scope. In addition to the practical tourist benefits, these regional chapters deal with topics such as culture, nature, history and society in greater depth - with the focus in each case on country-specific features and travel habits. With this orientation, the books of the Trescher Verlag differ from many other travel guides, which focus primarily on the purely tourist use. The practice-oriented travel section of the books contains detailed descriptions of the sights as well as cultural offers, accommodation and gastronomy. Inside there are detailed maps and city plans, the overview maps on the book covers provide an overview, and numerous color photos convey a realistic picture of the travel destination. Background information and anecdotal information are presented in one to four-page excursions. Information on travel planning, practical tips for on-site and the register can be found in the last chapter of the books.


At the International Tourism Exchange Berlin (ITB), Trescher Verlag received the ITB Book Award in 2011 for “The special travel guide series” and another prize for the travel guide to Mongolia. This was followed by ITB Book Awards for the travel guides “Azerbaijan” (Appreciation Award 2013), “North Sea and Arctic Cruises” (2017) and “Georgia” (2018) as well as “North Korea” and “South Korea” (2019). Detlev von Oppeln, publisher of Trescher Verlag, received a LifetimeAward from the ITB BookAwards jury for his publishing work in 2018.

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