Trivial topology

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The trivial topology , indiscreet topology , chaotic topology or cluster topology is a structure considered in the mathematical sub-area of topology for a set that makes it a topological space .


Be a lot. The trivial topology on is the topology where only the set and the empty set are open .


Let a topological space be provided with the trivial topology.

  • All points in are topologically indistinguishable .
  • According to the definition, only the empty set and the whole set are closed .
  • The space is compact and therefore paracompact , lindelöf and locally compact .
  • The space is path-connected , because every mapping of a topological space is continuous and therefore also connected .
  • The trivial topology is the coarsest of all topologies on a given set; in particular, every mapping from a topological space into a trivial topology is continuous .
  • The trivial topology has all the usual separation properties , unless they require T₀ , and can be pseudometrized by the pseudometrics, which assigns the distance 0 to any two points.
  • Each filter converges towards each point in the trivial topology; this characterizes the trivial topology.

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