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Ebrié (Cama [tʃamã] )

Spoken in

Ivory Coast ( Abidjan )
speaker 76,000 (1988 census)


Language codes
ISO 639-3


The Ebrié Language (ISO 639-3: ebr), also Ebrie called, is a Kwa language from the language family of the Niger-Congo languages and is used in the Ivory Coast totaling 75,900 people (Census 1988) in 57 villages in the department of Abidjan spoken.

The Chaman language is not related to any of the neighboring languages ​​in the area. Together with the language Mbato [gwa], the Tschaman forms the subgroup Potou within the language group of the Potou-Tano languages .

Although there is a writing system based on the Latin alphabet , the Chaman speakers have recently started to use French as a written language.

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