Czech terrier

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Czech Terrier
(Český Teriér)
Czech terrier
FCI Standard No. 246
  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Section 2: Low-legged terriers
Origin :

Czech Republic

Alternative names:

Bohemian terrier

Withers height:

25–32 cm,
males ideal 29 cm,
females ideal 27 cm


6-10 kg

List of domestic dogs

The Czech Terrier (Český Teriér) is a Czech dog breed recognized by the FCI ( No. 246, Gr. 3, Sec. 2 ).

Origin and history

In 1949 František Horák from Klánovice (then near, now in Prague ) started breeding Czech terriers. For this he crossed Sealyham Terriers and Scottish Terriers . The result was a short-legged , light, well pigmented and manageable hunting dog with short hair and small hanging ears. 1959 these dogs were called "Český terier" (Cesky Terrier) for the first time issued . Eventually the FCI recognized this breed in 1963.


The Czech Terrier is a small, muscled, well-built terrier that can grow up to 32 cm and weigh 10 kg.

He has long hair that is fine but firm and not too lush. It is slightly wavy and has a silky sheen. The hair of the Czech Terrier is kept in shape by scissors. Since the front part of the head is not shaved, eyebrows and a beard are created there. The hair on the stomach, under the chest and on the extremities also remains unshaven.

There are two color varieties of the Czech Terrier: gray-blue and white coffee brown. The gray-blue dogs are born as black puppies, the milk coffee browns as chocolate-brown ones. Sometimes a dog of this breed will have yellow, brown, or white markings.

The Czech terrier has ears that are set relatively high. They are medium in size and overhanging so that they close the ear opening.

Essence, character

This breed is easy to lead, gentle, and calm. She is a joyful and pleasant company and is a little reserved towards strangers.


The Czech terrier was originally intended for hunting badgers and foxes. Nowadays it is mainly used as a companion dog .

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