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Studio Support group UNItopia eV
platform Telnet , web browser
genre MUD
Game mode Multiplayer
control keyboard
language German

UNItopia is a computer game , the oldest German-speaking MUD . It was founded in 1991 and made public in 1992.

Game concept

UNItopia is a virtual world with role play character. As in other role-playing games, there is no set goal. A created character enters and explores this virtual world. The character gains experience by exploring the world, but also by solving puzzles or playing games. With the fulfillment of certain requirements the player gains privileges.

UNItopia consists of two interconnected worlds. As in almost every MUD, there is also a fantasy world here, this is called "Magyra" and the other part is a replica of the Stuttgart campus and is therefore simply called "Campus".


Due to the origin of the genre of text adventures , the purely text-based input and output in UNItopia results. That corresponds to the technical possibilities at the time. Access to UNItopia is possible via Telnet with port 23 or 3333. As an alternative, there is also a web interface today. Like Dawn, UNItopia is an LPMud and is programmed in the LPC language. It is programmed by the users themselves, making it an early example of social software .

Web links

Individual evidence

  1. Manfred Dworschak (1994): Magic realm of bits and bytes
  2. Access to UNItopia via WebMud
  3. Documentation for programming UNItopia