US dance floor

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US dance floor [ ˌjuːɛsˈdænsflɔːɹ ] is a variant of electronic dance music that was produced in the USA in the mid-1990s . The American dance floor sound shows significant differences to the common European dance floor productions of this time, which are often referred to as Eurodance .

While the Eurodance productions are very melodic and represent a mixture of dance rhythm, pop chorus and rap verse, the US dance floor is more of a combination of Detroit techno and hip-hop and thus resembles a style that is also called hip house is called, but is a lot more technoid than this one.

Overall, dance floor productions, regardless of their origin, had a lower status in the US sales charts in the mid-1990s than in Germany, where a large proportion of single sales corresponded to this genre. Nevertheless, some American dance floor productions were very successful internationally. Well-known artists are Reel 2 Real ( I Like to Move It ), 20 Fingers ( Short Dick Man ) and Outhere Brothers ( Boom Boom Boom ).