USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601)

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The Robert E. Lee on the surface of the water
The Robert E. Lee on the surface of the water
Order July 30, 1958
Keel laying August 25, 1958
Launch 18th December 1959
1. Period of service flag
Commissioning September 15, 1960
Decommissioning 1st December 1983
Whereabouts Disassembled
Technical specifications

6800  ts submerged


116.3 m


10.1 m


8.8 meters


12 officers, 128 sailors


S5W pressurized water reactor, 15,000  SHP


20 knots


16 ICBMs, 6 torpedo tubes

The USS Robert E. Lee (SSN / SSBN-601) was a nuclear-powered submarine of the United States Navy and was one of George Washington-class submarine to. It was named after Robert Edward Lee , commander in chief of the Confederate Army during the War of Civilizations .


SSBN-601 was commissioned in 1958 and laid down just three weeks later. The building yard was Newport News Shipbuilding . The boat was launched in late 1959 and was christened E. Ely II by Mrs. Hanson. In September 1960 the boat was officially put into service.

After the torpedo test, the first test shot of a UGM-27A Polaris followed on December 22nd, 1960 . 1961 took Robert E. Lee to anti-submarine Exercises against USS Torsk (SS-423) part. After a lay in the shipyard, the LEE relocated to its new home port in Holy Loch , Scotland. In 1965, a first overhaul was carried out in San Francisco in which the rocket launch system was modernized. In 1967 the submarine returned to Holy Loch.

In 1971 an overhaul in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard followed , after which Apra Harbor , Guam , became the new home port. She stayed there until 1981. In 1983 the boat was decommissioned and kept in the reserve fleet for three years . By 1991 the Robert E. Lee was the first submarine to be dismantled in the Ship-Submarine Recycling Program .

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