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The Universal Short Title Catalog (USTC) is a complete electronic bibliography of all preserved printed works that appeared in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. The project is led by the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland with the support of University College Dublin . The database, which went online in 2011, enables a search in various existing national bibliographies as well as newly created catalogs. In total, the USTC indexes 355,000 titles in 1.5 million copies from over 5,000 libraries worldwide. All bibliographical information, locations and, if available, digital copies of all copies are available. The planned extension of the recording period to 1650 by 2016 will cover the first two centuries of printing and double the data set to an estimated 700,000 titles.

Other important short title catalogs for early book printing are the Incunabula Short Title Catalog for the incunabal period (15th century), the English Short Title Catalog , which includes English-language prints from 1473 to 1800, and the Short Title Catalog Netherlands for the Netherlands from 1540 to 1800.

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