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The Uppsala General Catalog (UGC) is a catalog of 12,921 galaxies that are visible from the northern hemisphere based on the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey . The objects are arranged according to right ascension and labeled with a consecutive number. The catalog was created by Peter Nilson at the Uppsala Observatory and published in 1973.

The UGC covers the entire sky area north of the declination −2.5 °. His goal is completeness for galaxies with a diameter of at least one minute of arc on the blue prints of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, it also contains smaller galaxies from the Catalog of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies by Fritz Zwicky , as long as they te 14.5 brighter than Size class are.

The catalog contains the diameter, orientation, brightness and description of the galaxies as well as their celestial coordinates with an accuracy sufficient for identification. References to the designation in some other galaxy catalogs and the redshift are added, if available.

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