Vampire Master

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title Vampire Master
Original title ダ ー ク ク リ ム ゾ ン
transcription Dark crimson
country JapanJapan Japan
author Satoshi Urushihara
publishing company Kodansha
magazine Gekkan Magazine Z
First publication November 2000 - ...
expenditure 3

Vampire Master ( Japanese ダ ー ク ク リ ム ゾ ン , Dark Crimson ) is a manga series by the Japanese illustrator Satoshi Urushihara , which is about the adventures of the young vampire Shion and his companion Rain. The series can be assigned to the genres hentai , fantasy , horror and his own.


Shion and Rain fight against the clients, a demon people from a dark in-between world who want to enslave the people they call Crimsons and abuse them for their demonic games. Shion, as a vampire himself a half-demon, needs Rain to transform her into living armor in battle and to satisfy his hunger for blood. The young Helen joins them and takes on a role similar to Rain.

main characters


Shion was born in the dark intermediate world of the clients and is a vampire and half-demon. His father, the demon lord Beelzebub , was killed by other demons because he had fathered a child, Shion, with a human woman named Maria and had helped both of them to escape through a portal that led from the demon world into the human world. Shion's mother was also killed by a client when Shion was sixteen.

Shion cannot take in normal food and therefore has to kiss his blood through his companions Rain and Helen , through which he receives blood as food.


Shion's companion and long-time friend. The two have known each other since childhood. Rain lived alone in her childhood and often helped the pastor in church who looked after her and gave her shelter. Her skills are very helpful, so she turns into armor for Shion when he gets involved in fights against demons and can brainwash normal people. Rain loves shopping and quickly becomes jealous when Shion has to help or meet another woman.


Helen also lived alone since childhood because the demons killed her parents when she was a baby. Since then she has lived in a church where a pastor cared for her lovingly. By chance she met Shion and Rain while they were looking for accommodation in the church. She fell in love with Shion on the spot, but she didn't want to show it because of her shyness. After the clients abducted Helen, she became infected with a demon, lost control of her body, and was forced to kill Shion. When Helen then faced Shion, she took a sword, severely wounded Shion and regained her memory. To help him, she offered Shion a "blood kiss" and was aware that from then on she would have to follow Shion.

Through these events, Helen became Shion's second mate and is very happy to be with Shion. Just like Rain, Helen also has special abilities, so she too can transform herself into armor and has the specialty of feeling when a person approaches or where he is.


In Japan, the manga was published by Kodansha in the magazine Gekkan Magazine Z . The chapters, which are referred to as nights , were collected in groups of 10 in a total of three anthologies.

Vampire Master was published in German by Planet Manga . The first volume was published in 2002. The two following volumes appeared in 2004 and 2005. In addition, an art book was published in Germany in 2004 with the title Vampire Master Illustration Book . A French translation was published by Pika Édition , a Spanish one by Selecta Visión and an Italian like the German one by Panini.


After the publication of the first volume in Germany in 2002, it was included in the list of media harmful to young people by the Federal Testing Office for media harmful to young people in the same year . Vampire Master was the first manga volume indexed in Germany. Planet Manga responded to the action by changing the dialogues to the following edition, in which Helen is no longer described as a minor. However, this version was also indexed in 2002. The following volumes were published in two versions each. With the title Dark Crimson an "adult version" appears with the age recommendation from 18, the title Vampire Master has an age recommendation from 16. With it a shortened version is sold, in which the sides were removed with explicit force. In April 2005 the third volume of Vampire Master was also indexed.

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