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Logo of the "Verband Deutscher Ubootfahrer eV"

The Verband Deutscher Ubootfahrer e. V. was founded on September 16, 1961 as the umbrella organization of submarine comradeships in the Federal Republic of Germany. The association sees itself today as a link between former and active submariners. The association has its headquarters in Hamburg and is entered in the register of associations of the Hamburg District Court under number VR 7267.


At the time the association was founded, the majority of its members and officials consisted of surviving submariners from the Navy . After the end of World War II, associations in comradeships were initially prohibited under Allied Control Council Act No. 8, Article III. It was only after this restriction was lifted in the early 1950s that the first submarine fellowships were formed again. One of the first was the U-Boot-Kameradschaft Hamburg, newly founded in January 1952 . The first Germany-wide meeting of the submariners united in the association followed on May 15 and 16, 1954 in the Winterhuder Fährhaus in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. This national submarine meeting has been followed by 25 more at intervals of 2 to 4 years. Particularly noteworthy are the aligned from the Ubootkameradschaft Munich 20th National Ubootfahrertreffen in May 2002 in Passau, held in conjunction with the 39th International Ubootfahrertreffen, and the 22 National Ubootfahrertreffen in May 2007, under the motto German 100 years submarines was (On December 14, 1906, U 1, the first submarine of the Imperial Navy was put into service) and was organized by the Ubootkameradschaft Kiel in cooperation with the German Navy. Before the start of the National Submarine Meetings, the association holds a delegate day in accordance with the statutes, during which, among other things, the board of the association is elected by the representatives of the submarine fellowships and the regional officers (as representatives of the individual members in the regions).

In 1962 the Verband Deutscher Ubootfahrer e. V. for the first time at an international meeting of submariners. The initiative for the international meeting came from the President of the Friendship Association of Former French Submariners, Section Le Havre . This initiative resulted in a series of annual international submarine meetings, with the meetings alternating between other national associations. With the number of participating nations, there has also been a range of venues around the world. 55 of these meetings have now taken place in Europe (France, England, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Austria and Germany), in the USA and Argentina, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Turkey and in Israel.

Goal setting

After the founding of the association, the main objective was initially that the former submarine drivers of the Kriegsmarine could meet for joint events, because the occupation community in a small area on submarines resulted in a particularly strong comradely relationship from the beginning. Gradually, active and former submariners of the Federal Navy / German Navy were added as members of the association and thus changed the structure and objectives of the association, which today acts as an umbrella organization and representation of the interests of all submariners and all persons interested in the history, technology and tactics of the submarine weapon understands.

The Verband Deutscher Ubootfahrer eV (VDU) is an organization that is politically, religiously and ideologically independent. Members of the association are submarine comradeships with their members and individuals. In the case of submarine comradeships, with the change in the membership structure from the war generation to the post-war generation, there has been a gradual shift from regional comradeships (currently still Hamburg, Kiel, Munich, Wilhelmshaven) to boat-related comradeships. Here are z. B. the submarine comradeships U 15, U 17, U 23, U 27, U 28 (each submarine of class 206A ) and U 34 / DELTA (U 34 is a submarine of class 212A ), whose members on these boats of the Federal Navy / German Navy. In addition, there are also in the regional comradeships, z. B. in the Ubootkameradschaft Kiel e. V., loose associations of former submariners who have served on a certain boat, e.g. B. on U-Hai ( type XXIII and after a conversion in 1964 class 240) or on U 8 ( class 205 ).

In 2012 the association was realigned with a structure in six regions, in which the many individual members of the VDU are looked after by regional officers who also organize events and meetings in the regions.

In recent years there has been support for the preservation of museum submarines of classes 205 and 206A (former submarines of the German Navy / German Navy). At the moment, this primarily applies to the U 10 ( German Navy Museum ) and U 9 ( Technik Museum Speyer ).

The submarine memorial in Möltenort

The association promotes u. a. also the maintenance and preservation of memorials for war victims , in particular through the support of the Foundation U-Boot-Ehrenmal Möltenort , the German Navy Federation e. V. (DMB) and the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. Members of the VDU - including in particular members of the Ubootkameradschaft Kiel e. V. - regularly take part in work assignments at the submarine memorial as well as in the memorial service for the day of national mourning. The founder of the charitable foundation U-Boot-Ehrenmal Möltenort is the Ubootkameradschaft Kiel. In order to be able to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the submarine memorial in Möltenort in the long term, the Kiel submarine comradeship decided in 1975 to set up the Foundation Uboot memorial in Möltenort.

Furthermore, the Association of German Submariners works together with the German partner organizations Deutscher Marinebund (DMB), Marine Officers Association (MOV) and the German Navy as part of the annual "Blauer Tisch" meeting .

According to § 1 of its statutes, the Association of German Submariners publishes the association magazine "Auftauchen ! "

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