Surveying Act

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Basic data
Title: Surveying Act
Long title: Federal law of 3 July 1968 on land surveying and the border cadastre
Abbreviation: Property
Type: Federal law
Scope: Republic of Austria
Reference: Federal Law Gazette No. 306/1968
Date of law: August 6, 1968
Effective date: January 1, 1969
Last change: Federal Law Gazette I No. 51/2016
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By surveying law from the year 1968 , the legislature in has Austria the tasks of land surveying new rules: First, the former was property tax cadastre to exclusively tax duties by the border cadastral replaced, with the clear objective of a binding documentation of property boundaries. On the other hand, the Surveying Act also made a clear separation between the sovereign tasks of the surveying authority ( Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying with the subordinate surveying offices) and those of the surveyors:

The surveying authority is responsible for the administrative management of the cadastre including all related, superordinate tasks such as the creation of the control point field. In addition, the law clearly defines the competence and the group of surveyors (§ 43 VermG) and assigns them alone the execution of all cadastral surveys (boundary determinations and staking out, splits and conversions in the boundary cadastre)

In the Surveying Act there are precise formal requirements on the creation and management of the boundary cadastre, the process of boundary surveys and the interaction with land registry courts and tax authorities. The technical framework conditions (such as permissible measurement tolerances, content of plan documents) are regulated in the associated surveying ordinance.

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