Supply measure

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The supply figure is an indicator that measures the security of supply of the population with drugs .

The measure takes values ​​between 0 and 200. A value of 0 means that all the available drugs a fixed amount group below the fixed amount are, on the other hand, a value of 200 means that all the drugs of the fixed amount group lie above the fixed price.



: Number of finished drug packs on the market in the fixed price group above the fixed price
: Number of finished medicinal products in the fixed price group on the market
: Number of prescriptions above the fixed amount
: Number of total prescriptions within the fixed amount group

The fixed amounts in fixed amount groups 2 and 3 are set so that their M does not exceed the value of 100. Group 1 fixed amounts must not exceed an M of 133.4. This restriction is designed to ensure the supply in accordance with § 35 para. 5 SGB V .