Villiger Sons Holding

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Villiger Sons Holding AG

legal form Corporation
founding 1888
Seat Pfeffikon , Switzerland
management Heinrich Villiger (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Clemens Gütermann (Administration & Finance)
Egon Schwertdle-von Delft (Operations)
Number of employees 1,400 (2014)
sales 220 million CHF (2013)
Branch Tobacco products

The Villiger Söhne Holding AG , based in Pfeffikon is an international Swiss cigarillo and cigar maker. The third generation family business produces over 1.5 billion cigarillos and cigars annually. The Villiger Group employs over 1,400 people and in 2013 generated sales of 220 million Swiss francs.


The company was founded in 1888 by Jean Villiger as a cigar factory. When Jean Villiger died in 1902 at the age of 42, Louise Villiger took her husband's place. In 1910 she founded a subsidiary in Tiengen, Germany . Later on, their two sons Hans and Max Villiger took over the company and expanded it into a major cigar manufacturer in Europe. Hans and Max Villiger were followed by Max, Heinrich and Kaspar Villiger's sons . After Kaspar Villiger was elected to the Federal Council in 1989 and retired from the company, Heinrich Villiger is the sole owner of the Villiger Group. Together with Cuban business partners, in 1989 he founded the first joint venture for the exclusive import and distribution of Havana cigars in Germany, Fifth Avenue Products Trading GmbH.

Another branch exists in the Westphalian town of Bünde . It is sold in over 100 countries. 180 people are employed in Tiengen. (October 2015). Here also special cigars are hand-rolled by experienced employees according to old tradition, such as the Villiger Original-Krumme .

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