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Screenshot of Visicalc on an Apple II
Basic data

developer Visicorp
Publishing year 1979
Current  version Visicalc Advanced Version
( 1983 )
operating system Apple DOS / SOS , Atari home computers , Commodore PET , TRS-80 , CP / M , MS-DOS and PC-DOS
programming language MOS 6502
category Spreadsheet
License Proprietary

Visicalc (from English visible calculator ) was the first commercial spreadsheet program for personal and home computers . It was first launched in 1979 for the Apple II by Personal Software . The concept comes from Dan Bricklin , the software was developed together with Bob Frankston . For the first time, the program made it possible to carry out commercial calculations without requiring the user to have any programming knowledge. Portings also appeared later for Apple III , for Atari 400 and 800 , the Commodore PET , TRS-80 and finally for Intel-8086 -based computers from IBM.


On May 12, 1979, Dan Bricklin introduced a pre-release spreadsheet on the Apple II at the West Coast Computer Faire . In October 1979 the software was published under the name VisiCalc and was a selling point for the Apple calculator.

In 1983, sales of Visicalc collapsed with the release of Lotus 1-2-3 . Visicalc was later acquired by Lotus 1-2-3 and discontinued shortly afterwards.


  • 1979: Version 1.0
  • 1981: Version 1.00
  • March 1982: Version 1.10
  • 1983: Version 1.20

The last version was marketed as Paladin FlashCalc in 1985 .


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