Wülfingen (Forchtenberg)

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Wülfingen is a deserted area in the Forchtenberg district of the small town of Forchtenberg in Hohenlohekreis in Baden-Württemberg .

Geographical location

Wülfingen is about opposite the confluence of the Kupfer in the Kocher on the north side of this river and thus diagonally opposite the town center Forchtenberg, which occupies the mouth spur.


The Michaeliskirche is the last remaining building in Wülfingen.

According to archaeological finds, Wülfingen was already settled in prehistoric times. At the time of the Alamanni there was a settlement there, and the Franks also settled there around 550. The first mention of the place comes from the year 771, another early mention comes from the year 779, when Count Kunibert owned the Fulda monastery in Wülfingen gave.

The place belonged to the Kochergau and was the seat of a Kochergaugrafen. In 1042 Count Heinrich is recorded as Kochergaugraf in Wülfingen. In 1212 Wülfingen came to the Lords of Dürn , who owned further property around Wülfingen and built a castle on the mountain spur southeast of Wülfingen. The castle was completed under Konrad von Dürn in 1234. Presumably at the same time, the fortified town of Forchtenberg was built at the foot of the castle, which was first mentioned in 1298 and in whose favor Wülfingen and the nearby Kupferhausen at the mouth of the copper were abandoned.

The only reminder of Wülfingen today is the Michaeliskirche in the Forchtenberg cemetery, which was once the church of Wülfingen and the original church for the surrounding Kocher valley. A predecessor of today's cemetery church, which contains frescoes from the 14th century in its interior, possibly existed long before Wülfingen was first mentioned.

Archaeological digs were carried out in the desert in the 1970s. To this day, they are among the most important studies of a medieval deserted village. The remains of post structures, stone foundations, pit houses and several pottery kilns were recorded.

Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 49 ° 17 '29.8 "  N , 9 ° 33' 29.2"  E