Arms Corps

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Waffencorps is a name for a certain form of corps , the oldest form of student associations that exist today . In contrast to the life corps found mainly in the southern German-Bavarian region , which already formed a friendship for life at the beginning of the 19th century , i.e. beyond the student days, the view of the armed forces corps still prevailed at that time that they were predominant a protective alliance for the period of study. They had adopted this basic view from the old-style compatriots from the 18th century .

When later all corps, as well as all other connections, adopted the principle of life alliance from around 1840, the armed forces corps - in contrast to the life corps - retained the custom of joining another, preferably friendly, corps at the new university after a change of study location and possibly accepting a second membership. This is not common with the life corps, as with many fraternities and some other student associations .

The cartel agreement between the Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband (KSCV) and the Weinheimer Senioren-Convent (WSC) from 1955 even made it possible to have double membership across associations.

Today by far the largest number of corps can be regarded as weapons corps.


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