Woad leaf

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Waidblatt after Oberforstmeister Frevert from Puma, serial number 20271

The woad leaf is a large and heavy hunting knife , which is suitable for combining the functions of the hunting knife, the stoner , the hunter and the practice . The knife has a blade that is up to 30 cm long, wide and heavy, slightly bevelled or rounded. Because of the mostly clearly rounded tip of the modern designs, it can only be used to a very limited extent for catching heavy game.

The woad leaf was mainly used in the Baroque era by members of a hunting convoy to cut off branches and bushes, but not to kill game. Although the woad leaf is also suitable for killing (“intercepting”) if necessary, firearms ( handguns ) are preferred for killing wounded game today (reasons: animal welfare , more reliable in success). "Catching" with the "cold weapon" (Waidblatt, Hirschfänger , Nicker ) requires skill and is only carried out by experienced people if the use of firearms involves risks.

There are different designs from different manufacturers known. In combination with a hunting knife , the woad leaf is called woad cutlery .