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Forest crime or forestry crime was in Austria and Germany to enter, the damage to the forest and timber harvesting by unauthorized persons in a privately owned standing forest. He was named after the forest Criminal mostly through fines, but also by arrest punishments , corporal punishment , forced labor , prison or exile punished.


The offenses of the forest crime included all damaging thefts from the forest . The mere stealing of objects from the forest was mostly associated with damage to the forest or with a disadvantage for the development of the forest. One of the most common forest crimes was the stealing of young trees to bind grain . Likewise, the gathering of firewood, leaves, resins and forest fruits was not only viewed as pure theft, but also as harmful to the continued existence of the forest.


In Austria, the legal principles and the statutory provisions on the punishment of forest offenses were only abolished during the reign of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky by opening up all forests to the population. Poaching remains a criminal offense in accordance with Sections 137 and 138 of the Austrian Criminal Code. Timber harvesting by unauthorized persons is also a criminal offense against property .

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