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Muriel Baumeister (born January 24, 1972 in Salzburg ) is a German - Austrian actress .

life and career

Muriel Baumeister comes from a family of actors. She is the daughter of the actor Edwin Noël-Baumeister and the dance teacher Barbara Haselbach. Baumeister has a younger half-sister named Peri , who is also an actress, and a younger brother.

As a student, Baumeister was already standing in front of the television camera. She became known as Bea Donner in the family series Ein Haus in der Toscana (1990-1994), for which she was awarded the Telestar in 1991 . Also for this role as well as for the main role in the television film Guilt Was Only Bossa Nova , she received the Lilli Palmer memory camera of the Golden Camera in 1994 as the best young actress. After graduation she first started a technical college of social education , which she broke off to switch entirely to acting.

In addition to a few cinema appearances, she is mainly active in television films and series. 1992 and 1993 a continuous role in the ZDF series Der Landarzt contributed to their popularity. In the ARD crime series Einsatz Hamburg Süd , she formed the investigator duo with Meral Perin from 1997 to 1999 . In 2004 Baumeister appeared in The Amber Amulet , in 2005 in A Princess to Fall in Love and in 2008 in The Old Lady's Visit . Furthermore, she played one of the leading roles in the television series Bis in die Spitzen and had numerous guest appearances in series such as Derrick , Tatort , Polizeiruf 110 or Das Traumschiff . In 2009 she played in Factor 8 - The day has come and a cruise into happiness . In 2013 she starred as Berta Drews in the docu-drama George at the side of Götz George .

Until 1998 she was married to her fellow actor Rainer Strecker . From this marriage comes a son who was born in 1993. After her father died by suicide in 2004 , Baumeister temporarily withdrew from the public. In 2006 their daughter was born, whose father is the actor Pierre Besson . A daughter was born on December 30, 2014 as the third child. Baumeister lived in Hamburg for a few years , now she has an apartment in Berlin . In 2016 Baumeister caused an accident while drunk. In the incident, in which her daughter was also in the car, she was found to have 1.45  per mil of alcohol in her blood. In October 2017, Baumeister went into cold withdrawal at the Charité in Berlin . According to his own statement, it is dry today and this is proven by monthly alcohol tests. Baumeister has processed her experiences in her book “Falling is no shame, just lying down”. The book was published in November 2019.

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