SOKO Stuttgart

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Television series
Original title SOKO Stuttgart
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2009
Bavaria Film
length 45 minutes
Episodes 270+ in 11+ seasons ( list )
genre Thriller
production Torsten Lenkeit, Oliver Vogel
music Günther Illi, Peter Gromer
camera Thomas C. Weber, Pascal Rémond
First broadcast November 12, 2009 on ZDF

SOKO Stuttgart is a German television series . The crime series is the seventh offshoot of the German series SOKO 5113 . The location of the series is Stuttgart .

The first season with 20 episodes was broadcast on ZDF on November 12, 2009 . Since then, ZDF has been showing SOKOs on all weekdays 6 p.m. in the evening before . Even before the first season was broadcast, it was decided to produce a second season with a further 25 episodes.

The 9th season was produced from February 2017 and has been broadcast since mid-September of that year, including the 200th anniversary episode “Durchgeknallt”. In February 2018, filming began for the 10th season with 25 new episodes.


At the center of the SOKO Stuttgart team are seven people who have special skills and knowledge that make it seem impossible that a crime, no matter how cleverly arranged, remains unsolved. Mainly these are murder cases that are researched, determined and clarified in Stuttgart.


main actor

  • Kriminaldirektor Michael Kaiser ( Karl Kranzkowski ) is the head of the police headquarters and is the immediate superior of the SOKO. He is the coordinator and manager of the police work and is in close contact with the team.
  • First Chief Detective Martina Seiffert ( Astrid M. Fünderich ) is the head of SOKO. She has a high level of responsibility and approaches her job with extreme prudence and sovereignty. She always keeps an overview even in critical situations.
  • Chief Detective Joachim Stoll ( Peter Ketnath ) is an impulsive type of investigator who often makes decisions on the basis of instinct to find solutions to the cases. In his work, he complements himself well with his boss, with whom he also gets on well personally.
  • Detective Inspector Rico Sander ( Benjamin Strecker ) is autistic and forms the "brain" of the troop. He is considered very ambitious, intelligent and technically adept, on the other hand introverted and shy of people. His quick comprehension and his mathematically oriented thinking also make him irreplaceable for investigative work. He worked for SOKO as a detective assistant until the third season. From now on he is detective inspector.

Karl Kranzkowski and Benjamin Strecker are the only actors who have starred in every episode so far.

supporting cast

  • Dr. Benedikt Förster ( Florian Wünsche ) is a forensic doctor and provides information on the course of events and the perpetrators through his autopsy.
  • Friedemann Sonntag ( Christian Pätzold ) is head of the evidence chamber at the Stuttgart criminal police.
  • Karl Heinz "Schrotti" Schrothmann ( Michael Gaedt ) is a car mechanic and car dealer and a good friend of Jo Stoll.
  • Richard Seiffert ( Stephan Schad ) is Martina Seiffert's husband.
  • Katja Wiedemann ( Elisabeth von Koch ) represents Martina Seiffert after her skiing accident.


  • High Commissioner for Criminal Investigation Anna Badosi ( Nina Gnädig ) studied criminalistics and psychology. She was passionate about her job. She expressed her views with clear words in every situation and did not avoid injustices. In the first episode of the fourth season she fatally injured a person during an operation and then left the SOKO Stuttgart to continue her psychology studies.
  • Detective inspector candidate Cornelia "Nelly" Kienzle ( Sylta Fee Wegmann ) was energetic, fearless and sometimes dogged. As a result, she acted as a counterpart to Rico Sander, with whom she combined a kind of competition for recognition and competence. She left the SOKO during the fifth season and switched to the Berlin Kripo.
  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Wolter ( Eva Maria Bayerwaltes ) was a forensic doctor and provided information about the course of events and the perpetrators through her autopsy. Her successor at SOKO Stuttgart was Dr. Benedikt Förster ( Florian Wünsche ), who has already been there for several episodes as an assistant doctor in forensic medicine.
  • Detective Inspector Selma Kirsch † ( Yvonne Burbach ) was able to hear extremely well as a so-called "sound profiler", and was able to recognize insecurities and lies well. She grew up sheltered in a middle-class family on Killesberg in Stuttgart. She dropped out of humanities studies to become a police officer after witnessing a brutal assault. She dies in season 11, episode 11 ("Skate or Die") in a car accident.



actor Role name role Episodes Seasons Period of treatment. Remarks
Karl Kranzkowski Michael Kaiser Detective Director 1- 1- 2009–
Astrid M. Fünderich Martina Seiffert First chief detective 1- 1- 2009–
Peter Ketnath Joachim "Jo" Stoll Chief detective 1- 1- 2009–
Benjamin Strecker Rico Sander Detective superintendent , IT expert 1- 1- 2009– up to episode 71: detective assistant
Mike Zaka Sommerfeldt Jan Arnaud Head of KTU 1- 1- 2009–
Florian wishes Dr. Benedict Förster Coroner 150– 7– 2015–
Michael Gaedt Karl-Heinz "Schrotti" Schrothmann Owner of a car workshop 1- 1- 2009–
Bärbel pride Sibylle Beyer Patrol Officer Police Chief Master 250– 11– 2019–
Nina Siewert Nele Becker Police Commissioner Candidate 262– 11– 2020– Student of EKHK 'Martina Seifert at the police college


actor Role name Rank Episodes Seasons Period Reason for exit
Nina gracious Anna Badosi Chief Detective Officer 1-71 1-4 2009–2012 acknowledges the service
Sylta Fee Wegmann Cornelia "Nelly" Kienzle Detective inspector trainee 71-107 4-5 2012-2014 moves to Berlin
Eva Maria Bayerwaltes Prof. Dr. Lisa Wolter Forensic doctor 1-218, 254 1-9, 11 2009–2018, 2019 resumes her teaching position at the university
Christian Pätzold Friedemann Sunday Head of evidence chamber 1-247, 264 1-11 2009–2019, 2020 goes into retirement
Yvonne Burbach Selma Kirsch † Detective Inspector 108-256 5-11 2014-2019 dies in a car accident

Episode list


In the episode “Shadow Play” (season 3, episode 22), a film excerpt is shown at the beginning that depicts a scene from the ZDF series The Rescue Pilots (season 10, episode 9). Peter Ketnath, who has been a commissioner since 2009, played a perpetrator in Rosenheim-Cops in 2006 .


As of April 3, 2013, a five-part crossover of all ZDF-SOKO series was produced. The teams from SOKOs 5113 , Cologne , Leipzig , Stuttgart and Wismar investigate the murder of a police officer and find themselves in a criminal environment in which their own law and order prevail. The five-part case, the trail of which stretches across Germany, was broadcast from September 30th to October 4th, 2013 on weekdays on the well-known SOKO pre-evening broadcasting point from 6:00 p.m.


  • Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 1 comprises 19 episodes of the first season on four DVDs and was released on November 2, 2012. However, episode 3 fan curve is missing .
  • Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 2 comprises all 25 episodes of the second season on five DVDs and was released on February 22, 2013.
  • Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 3 comprises all 25 episodes of the third season on five DVDs and was released on April 26, 2013.
  • Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 4 comprises all 25 episodes of the fourth season on five DVDs and was released on August 30, 2013.
  • Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 5 includes all 24 episodes of the fifth season on five DVDs, as well as the five-part special SOKO - The Trial on a bonus DVD and was released on May 16, 2014.

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