SOKO Kitzbühel

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Television series
Original title SOKO Kitzbühel
Country of production Austria
original language German
Year (s) since 2001
beo-Film , Gebhardt Productions GmbH
length 45 minutes
Episodes 238+ in 19 seasons ( list )
genre Thriller
music Martin Grassl
First broadcast November 15, 2001 on ORF 1

SOKO Kitzbühel is an Austrian television series that is produced in cooperation between ORF and ZDF .

The crime series is an offshoot of the German crime series SOKO 5113 (now: SOKO Munich) . The series takes place in the famous Tyrolean district town of Kitzbühel . The production company “beo-Film” has been producing the series since 2001. The production company “Gebhardt Productions” has been producing the series since 2017.

On July 14, 2020, ORF announced that it would discontinue the series after the end of production of the 20th season in 2021.


The focus of the plot are the investigators Nina Pokorny and Lukas Roither. The team usually clears up unusual and complicated murders that take place in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area. It is not uncommon for members of the upper class to be involved, which is related to the status of Kitzbühel as a popular holiday destination for prominent personalities .

The police officers receive support from Hannes Kofler. This is a famous hoods cook with its own restaurant, the Pochlarner Stuben (coordinates) , and catering services . He is also the father of Karin Kofler, who was a member of SOKO Kitzbühel for years, but then took a leave of absence for private reasons. He and the Countess von Schönberg are happy to investigate the respective cases of the SOKO Kitzbühel themselves. The methods used by Hannes and the Countess to provide evidence are mostly on the verge of legality , which often puts the two of them in tricky situations.

Police work is often hindered or made more difficult by the interference of amateur detectives, but in the end, their information often helps to solve the murder case. The police officers like to use the Pochlarner Stuben as a meeting point, whereby the current case is usually discussed. In the process, Kofler and Schönberg do not learn exactly what the police are doing, which they often either supplement or use as their own investigative approach.

At the beginning of the 14th season, Lieutenant Colonel Karin Kofler was replaced by Lieutenant Nina Pokorny.

At the end of the 16th and 17th seasons, Major Lukas Roither and Lieutenant Nina Pokorny have to admit that feelings are not so easy to control, and they decide to let their new closeness run under the term friendship so as not to damage their everyday work . But feelings cannot be controlled, and sometimes things turn out completely differently than you think.

From the 18th season Nina Pokorny holds the rank of first lieutenant.



actor role Episodes Period
Heinz Marecek Hannes Kofler 1- 2001–
Andrea L'Arronge Countess Vera Schönberg 1- 2001–
Ferry Ollinger Chief Inspector Alois Kroisleitner 1- 2001–
Jakob Seeböck Major Lukas Roither 111– 2009–
Julia Cencig Major Nina Pokorny
(formerly first lieutenant, before that lieutenant)
Veronika Polly Forensic doctor Dr. Stefanie Löcker 200– 2017–
Former logo in Austria (2001-2005)


actor role Episodes Period
Kristina Sprenger Lieutenant Colonel Karin Kofler
(formerly Major)
Hans Sigl Major Andreas Blitz 1-63 2001-2006
Andreas Kiendl Major Klaus Lechner 64-110 2006-2009
Anja Stöhr Forensic doctor Dr. Silvia Pfaundler 1-33 2001-2005
Christine Klein Forensic doctor Dr. Franziska Haller 34-200 2005-2017

In addition to the recurring characters, many guest roles are also part of the series. These are often taken over by well-known actors on German-speaking television. Guest appearances included Isabel Karajan , Francis Fulton-Smith , Huub Stapel , Edita Malovčić , Andreas Maria Schwaiger , Mario Canedo , Julia Thurnau , Franziska Stavjanik , Nora Heschl , Claudia Messner , Max Tidof , Barbara Redl , Stefano Bernardin , Sandra S. Leonhard , Hary Prinz , Nina Bott , Katharina Stemberger , Ilja Richter , Christine Zierl , Simone Hanselmann , Olivia Pascal , Ruth Maria Kubitschek , Fritz Karl , Sonsee Neu , Michael Lesch , Valentin Schreyer , Valerie Niehaus , Michael Zittel , Franz Xaver Brückner , Herbert Fux , Armin Assinger and many more.

Michael Steinocher received an Undine Award for his guest appearance in 2008 .

In episode 63 (His last case), Andreas Blitz (Hans Sigl) leaves the series. The reason given is that he will work as a target investigator in Vienna in the future. In episode 110 (Fear of Death), Klaus Lechner, Andreas Blitz's successor, leaves the series for private reasons and is replaced by Lukas Roither.

In February 2014 it was announced that after Kristina Sprenger's departure, Julia Cencig would act as the leading actress . The 14th season with Julia Cencig in the female lead was filmed from April to October 2014, and it was broadcast from February 24, 2015.


The series has been running on Austrian broadcaster ORF eins since November 15, 2001 . With an audience of up to 1.3 million viewers, it is one of the most successful crime productions in Austria.

Since January 2003 the episodes can be seen in the evening program of ZDF in Germany. Since September 2011, ZDF has been repeating the older episodes of SOKO Kitzbühel on weekdays alongside the older episodes of other Sokos.

Since November 2012, the first three seasons can also be seen on MyVideo . Many episodes of the series can also be seen on the YouTube video portal .

The series was also sold to non-German-speaking countries, for example to Finland and Italy (from January 7, 2020).

linguistic style

The predominant spoken standard German in the series for the purpose of marketing in the entire German-speaking area does not correspond to the linguistic reality in the state of Tyrol (apart from the linguistic style of the characters who appear as guests in Kitzbühel).

Episode list


The episodes of season 1 and the first four episodes of season 2 were released on May 26, 2011 on a double DVD. Episodes 1 - 196 are now available on DVD.

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