SOKO (broadcast format)

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Television series
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 1978
length approx. 43 minutes
genre Thriller
First broadcast January 2nd, 1978 on ZDF

SOKO is a broadcast format of the Second German Television and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation , under which crime series have been broadcast since January 2, 1978. The first series of the format was SOKO 5113 in 1978. Other offshoots were then added. The offshoot SOKO Rhein-Main , which has already been discontinued, is a special feature, as it was initially called Die Spezialen: Kripo Rhein-Main and could not be compared with the others in terms of investigation technique. In 2013 there was a crossover between all German SOKOs with SOKO - The Process . With The fourth man , there were 2019 again a crossover, this time between Vienna Crime Squad and SOKO Leipzig

The series will be broadcast for the first time Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. in the evening program. Repetitions can also run earlier. There is an exception to the SOKO Leipzig offshoot , as this is first broadcast on Fridays at 9:15 p.m. due to its great success.


SOKO - the process

SOKO - The process is a German five-part crossover film between the German SOKO - crime series 5113 , Köln , Wismar , Stuttgart and Leipzig . The first broadcast took place from September 30 to October 4, 2013 on ZDF at 6:05 p.m. The film represents - apart from the name - the first connection between the SOKO series.

The fourth man

The fourth man is an Austro - German crossover film between the two SOKO - crime series SOKO Vienna and SOKO Leipzig . It was first broadcast on November 2, 2019 on ORF 1 . The crossover was shown on ZDF on November 8, 2019 as part of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall . The script was based on a true story about the circle of Viennese businesswoman Rudolfine Steindling , called the "Rote Fini".

SOKO Munich

SOKO Munich (previously: SOKO 5113) is a German crime series. It is the first of several crime series that have a SOKO in the title. SOKO Munich started on January 2, 1978 on ZDF . Production began in the fall of 1976. The number 5113 in the series title referred to the telephone extension number of the SOKO boss.

SOKO Cologne

SOKO Cologne is a German crime series that is broadcast on ZDF . It is the third offshoot of the TV crime series SOKO 5113 and was first broadcast on October 22, 2003.

SOKO Wismar

SOKO Wismar is a German crime series. It has been broadcast on ZDF since October 6, 2004 . The series is the fifth offshoot of the SOKO 5113 series . The 14th season has now been broadcast.

SOKO Stuttgart

SOKO Stuttgart is a German crime series . It is the seventh offshoot of the German SOKO 5113 series . The location of the series is Stuttgart . The first season with 20 episodes was broadcast on ZDF from November 12th, 2009 , which shows SOKOs on all weekday evening slots. Even before the first season was broadcast, it was decided to produce a second season with a further 25 episodes. Eight seasons have now been broadcast. Season 9 is in production.

SOKO Leipzig

SOKO Leipzig is a German crime series produced by UFA Fiction for the broadcasters ZDF and ORF . It is the first and so far most successful offshoot of the German SOKO 5113 series . The location of the series is Leipzig . The first season aired in 2001.

The first episode is called Escape according to the timetable and was broadcast on ZDF in 2001. In 2008 SOKO Leipzig shot the 90-minute episode Abduction in London together with the British crime series The Bill , which is set in Leipzig and London .

Due to an audience of over five million viewers per episode, ZDF moved the series from the previous evening to Friday evening. Since then it has been broadcast there at 9:15 p.m.

SOKO Danube / SOKO Vienna

SOKO Donau (or SOKO Vienna in Germany) is an Austrian crime series that is created in cooperation with ORF and ZDF . The offshoot of SOKO 5113 was broadcast for the first time on September 20, 2005 on ORF one .

SOKO Kitzbühel

SOKO Kitzbühel is an Austrian crime series created in cooperation with ORF and ZDF . It is an offshoot of the German crime series SOKO 5113 . The series takes place in the famous Tyrolean district town of Kitzbühel . The production company "beo-Film" has been producing the series since 2001.

SOKO Rhine-Main

SOKO Rhein-Main was developed in 2005 by Dirk Eggers for ZDF and produced by UFA Film- & Medienproduktion GmbH. Florian Froschmayer directed the first episodes . a. Matthias Herbert , who also wrote the concept for the series, and Uwe Kossmann . Initially, seven episodes (including the 45-minute pilot film) were produced. The series was an offshoot of SOKO 5113 . The scene of the crime series is Frankfurt am Main , as well as Rheinhessen , Mainz and Wiesbaden . Actually, the series should have had the title SOKO Rhein-Main at the beginning , but since it was not similar to the other SOKO series in terms of investigation technology, the first broadcast of the first season was decided to go for The Specialists: Kripo Rhein-Main . In 2008, the series was discontinued by ZDF after the broadcast of the last season and the repetition of the first season.

Solo for Sudmann

Solo für Sudmann was a twelve-part crime series by ZDF , an offshoot of the SOKO 5113 series , which was first broadcast from January to April in 1997. After Chief Inspector Jürgen Sudmann has retired, he does not retire to his old age, but opens a private detective agency in Munich . Together with his assistant Susanne, he successfully solves his cases in an unconventional way. He asks his former colleagues from SOKO 5113 for help here and there and usually gets it.

SOKO Hamburg

The SOKO Hamburg is the eighth branch of the television crime series SOKO München (formerly SOKO 5113). The first season was filmed in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony from mid-October 2017 and was broadcast on Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. from March 27, 2018.

SOKO Potsdam

The ninth offshoot of the series is SOKO Potsdam . The first season will be broadcast on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. on September 24, 2018 and was filmed in Potsdam , Berlin and the surrounding area in spring 2018 .

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