Kidnapping in London

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German title Kidnapping in London
Original title Proof of Life
Country of production Germany , United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2008
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Robert Del Maestro
script Frank Koopmann ,
Roland Heep,
Steve Bailie
production Henriette Lippold ,
Kevin Rundle,
Matthias Pfeifer (ZDF)
music George Kochbeck
camera Henning Jessel
cut Esther Weinert

Abduction in London (original title: Proof of Life ) is a British - German crossover episode full length between the German crime series SOKO Leipzig and the British crime series The Bill .


In London , the goddaughter of the Leipzig chief detective "Hajo" Trautzschke is kidnapped and flies there immediately. He is accompanied by his colleague Chief Detective Ina Zimmermann. Once in London, the two German investigators want to support the work of the British police around Detective Chief Inspector Jack Meadows, Detective Constable Mickey Webb and Detective Constable Kezia Walker, but they keep clashing with the investigators there because they are the work of the British police do not understand or they do not agree with their methods.

The kidnapped girl is now in the hands of British undercover police officer Detective Constable Terry Perkins. Everything goes wrong with the planned release of the girl in Piccadilly Circus and she ends up in the hands of a new gangster. Terry, the undercover cop, wins the trust of the new gangster and stays with the girl. A contact man of this new gangster is replaced at London Airport by the flight inspector Jan Maybach. As a result, the whole kidnapping shifts to Saxony . The police officers DCI Meadows, DC Webb and DC Walker then fly to Leipzig with their German colleagues and the mother and stepfather of the abductees and, with the help of Detective Inspector Patrick Grimm, find out that the kidnapper was formerly with the Stasi and the stepfather of the girl knows. He commissioned the kidnapping to take revenge on his unfaithful wife and her lover, but also wants his daughter back. Therefore, he helps the police to determine the whereabouts of the girl and to initiate her release.


The shooting took place in 2008. The production was in English, which is why the German actors dubbed themselves for the German version. Both the German and British producers created their own versions of the film for their country. The English ran with the intro of The Bill . A separate intro was produced for the German version, which differs from the series intro of SOKO Leipzig .

The first broadcast took place on November 12, 2008 on the British television station ITV , in Germany the episode was first shown on September 4, 2009 on ZDF .

Cast and dubbing

main actor

role actor German Voice actor
Chief Detective Hans-Joachim "Hajo" Trautzschke Andreas Schmidt-Schaller Andreas Schmidt-Schaller
Detective Chief Inspector Jack Meadows Simon Rouse Bodo Wolf
Chief Detective Ina Zimmermann Melanie Marschke Melanie Marschke
Detective Constable Terry Perkins Bruce Byron Jörg Hengstler
Chief Detective Jan Maybach Marco Girnth Marco Girnth
The SOKO Leipzig team: Hajo Trautzschke ( Andreas Schmidt-Schaller ), Jan Maybach ( Marco Girnth ), Ina Zimmermann ( Melanie Marschke ) and Patrick Grimm ( Tyron Ricketts ), from left. Also in the picture: Jürgen Tarrach (front)

supporting cast

role actor German Voice actor
Detective Constable Mickey Webb Chris Simmons Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Detective Constable Kezia Walker Cat Simmons Vera Teltz
Detective Inspector Patrick Grimm Tyron Ricketts Tyron Ricketts

Guest actor

role actor German Voice actor
Viktor Hauptmann Ulrich Matthes Ulrich Matthes
Charlotte Fischer Anna Maria Trouble Anna Maria Trouble
Helen Wegner Save Schade Save Schade
Karl Wegner Max Herbrechte Max Herbrechte
Marlowe Tom Frederic Sebastian Christoph Jacob
Dennis O'Leary Tim Chipping Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Nick Carson Rocky Marshall Karlo Hackenberger
Jimmy Thompson Ian Burfield Tim Moeseritz
Alan Brady Harry Capehorn Felix Spit
PC Nate Roberts Ben Richards
Supt. John Heaton Daniel Flynn Hans-Werner Bussinger
Bank clerk Thomas Büchel Thomas Büchel


“With this 'Special', ZDF has succeeded in creating a more than passable action thriller. 'Abduction in London' is not the lowest common denominator between 'SOKO Leipzig' and 'The Bill'. Almost all production departments were divided equally between the countries. The Germans dominate the cast, directed by an Englishman. This cooperation is definitely an enrichment for the German crime series. The British note looks good in combination with car chases and modern imagery. "

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