Walter von Lomersheim

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Board of donors, right inner wing. Bishop Günther von Speyer and Walter von Lomersheim offer the Mother of God their foundation.

Walter von Lomersheim belonged to the noble family of the Lords of Lomersheim and is considered the founder of Maulbronn Monastery .

Around 1138 Walter von Lomersheim donated in Eckenweiher (like Lomersheim today a part of Mühlacker in the Enzkreis ) the forerunner of Maulbronn Monastery, for which he made his father's inheritance available on site and which he then entered as a lay brother . Because the property was not suitable for a larger monastery complex, the Speyer bishop Günther von Henneberg ordered that Hirsau monastery should provide the young monastic community with the “Mulenbrunnen” in Stromberg , which had enough water and slopes suitable for quarries. The Maulbronn Monastery was built here with the support of the noble free Werner von Roßwag and Bertha von Grüningen . Walter von Lomersheim is shown on a wall painting in the monastery together with the bishop as the founder with a model of the monastery church.

Two siblings of Walters are also known: Konrad and Ita von Lomersheim.


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