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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Enzkreis Map of Germany, position of the Enzkreis highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 54 '  N , 8 ° 42'  E

Basic data
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : Karlsruhe
Region : Northern Black Forest
Administrative headquarters : Pforzheim
Area : 573.68 km 2
Residents: 198,905 (Dec. 31, 2018)
Population density : 347 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : PF
Circle key : 08 2 36
Circle structure: 28 municipalities
Address of the
district administration:
Zähringerallee 3
75177 Pforzheim
Website : www.enzkreis.de
District Administrator : Bastian Rosenau ( Free Voters )
Location of the Enzkreis in Baden-Württemberg
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The Enzkreis is a district in Baden-Württemberg . It belongs to the Northern Black Forest region in the Karlsruhe administrative district . Its area, like a ring open at the bottom, almost completely encloses the Pforzheim urban district , which is located in the middle of the district.



The Enzkreis has a share in the northern Black Forest , Kraichgau , Stromberg and Heckengäu . The Enz , which gives it its name , flows through the district from the south , in whose catchment area most of the Enz district is located. In the northeast it leaves the district in the direction of Besigheim (Ludwigsburg district), where it flows into the Neckar . Smaller river catchment areas are those of the Pfinz in the west and northwest, the Alb in the southwest and the Saal and Kraichbach in the north, all of which flow into the Rhine . The highest elevation of the Enzkreis is 709.1  m above sea level. NHN the Heuberg , which is on the mark of the Neuenbürger district of Dennach .

Neighboring areas

The Enzkreis borders in a clockwise direction in the west on the districts of Karlsruhe , Heilbronn , Ludwigsburg , Böblingen and Calw .

Division of space

According to data from the State Statistical Office , as of 2015.


There are the following nature reserves in the Enzkreis :

  1. Aalkistensee : 50.5 ha; City of Maulbronn and the municipality of Ölbronn-Dürrn
  2. Bauschlotter Au : 192.2 ha; Neulingen and Ölbronn-Dürrn municipalities
  3. Bauschlotter Schloßpark : 5.8 ha; Community newcomers
  4. At Steiner Mittelberg : 39.0 ha; Community Königsbach-Stein
  5. Betzenbuckel : 151.3 ha; City of Heimsheim and the communities of Friolzheim and Tiefenbronn
  6. Büchelberg : 48.6 ha; municipality Neuhausen
  7. Diefenbacher Mettenberg : 3.0 ha; Community Sternenfels
  8. Ellmendinger Roggenschleh : 22.0 ha; Keltern municipality
  9. Enztal between Niefern and Mühlacker : 123.0 ha; City of Mühlacker and the municipality of Niefern-Öschelbronn
  10. Erlen, Metten and Gründelbach lowlands (4 sub-areas): 165.0 ha; Municipalities of Ötisheim and Ölbronn-Dürrn
  11. Ersinger Springenhalde : 36.2 ha; community Kämpfelbach
  12. Essigberg : 134.5 ha; Municipalities Birkenfeld and wine presses
  13. Füllmenbacher Hofberg : 40.0 ha; Community Sternenfels
  14. Großglattbacher Riedberg : 24.1 ha; City of Mühlacker
  15. Klebwald : 21.6 ha; municipality Neuhausen
  16. Monbach, Maisgraben and St. Leonhardquelle (2 sub-areas): 42.0 ha; City of Bad Liebenzell (district of Calw) and community of Neuhausen
  17. Neulinger sinkholes : 12.5 ha; Community newcomers
  18. Roßweiher : 12.1 ha; City of Maulbronn
  19. Schützinger Spiegel : 15.1 ha; municipality Illingen
  20. Silberberg : 5.0 ha; municipality Tiefenbronn
  21. Tiefenbronner Seewiesen : 30.0 ha; municipality Tiefenbronn
  22. Weissacher Valley : 50.5 ha; City of Knittlingen


The Enzkreis was created by the district reform on January 1, 1973 . At that time the old Pforzheim district was combined with communities in the surrounding districts to form the Enzkreis. In detail, 17 communities in the old district of Vaihingen , twelve communities in the district of Calw and four communities in the old district of Leonberg were incorporated. The old district of Pforzheim was fully integrated into the Enz district with the exception of three places. However, on January 1, 1974 ( Büchenbronn ), January 1, 1975 ( Huchenfeld ) and September 20, 1975 ( Eutingen an der Enz ), three more communities were incorporated into the Pforzheim district.

The old districts of Vaihingen and Leonberg and the district of Calw go back to the former Württemberg upper offices, which in 1938 took over the upper offices of Maulbronn and Neuenbürg , which were then dissolved . The old district of Pforzheim emerged in 1939 from the Pforzheim district office in Baden, and the Pforzheim urban district was created at the same time.

Since then, Pforzheim is no longer part of the district, but remained the seat of the district administration until 1972 and became the seat of the new Enz district after the district reform. After the municipal reform has been completed, this will include 28 municipalities, including the five cities of Knittlingen , Maulbronn , Neuenbürg , Heimsheim and the large district town of Mühlacker . Based on the number of inhabitants, Mühlacker is the largest town and Wimsheim is the smallest.

Population development

The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates from the Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office ( main residences only ).

date Residents
December 31, 1973 154,720
December 31, 1975 154,590
December 31, 1980 162.142
December 31, 1985 164.312
May 25, 1987 ¹ 164,639
date Residents
December 31, 1990 175,574
December 31, 1995 186,812
December 31, 2000 192.852
December 31, 2005 196.417
December 31, 2010 193.913
December 31, 2015 196.066


Welcome sign at the district boundary near Sternenfels

The district is administered by the district council and the district administrator. The district council is elected for five years by those entitled to vote in the district. This body elects the district administrator for a term of eight years. This is the legal representative and representative of the district as well as chairman of the district council and its committees. He heads the district office and is an official of the district. His area of ​​responsibility includes the preparation of the district council meetings and its committees. He calls meetings, chairs them and implements the resolutions passed there. He has no voting rights in the committees . His deputy is the first state official.

District administrators

The district administrators of the Pforzheim district 1945–1972:

The district administrators of the Enzkreis since 1973:

District council

The district council of the Enzkreis has 52 seats, and there are often compensatory seats. The members are elected by the electorate in the district for five years, each time at the same time as the municipal council elections. After the local elections on May 26, 2019 , the district council has 58 members (6 compensation seats; 2014: 55 members); Overall, the election led to the following result (in brackets: difference to 2014):

District election 2019
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
-4.1  % p
-7.0  % p
+5.5  % p
-4.4  % p
+1.0  % p
+ 8.0  % p
+ 0.8  % p
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
g citizens for the bid
Distribution of seats in the district council
10 16 12 
A total of 58 seats

The turnout was 60.5% (+10.1).

coat of arms

A blue wave bar in gold, accompanied by two upright blue diamonds at the top and bottom (award of the coat of arms on August 16, 1976)
The wavy bar symbolizes the Enz , which gave the district its name, the four diamonds the four former districts to which the present-day municipalities of the Enzkreis belonged and the four landscapes ( Black Forest , Heckengäu , Kraichgau and Stromberg ) that make up the district area.

District partnerships

There has been a partnership since 1991 with the Altenburger Land district in Thuringia , Reggio nell'Emilia in Italy, the Polish cities / communities Myslowice , Chelm Slaski and Imielin, and since 2007 with the Hungarian Győr / Moson / Sopron county .

International partnership

The Enzkreis has a partnership with the Masasi district in Tanzania with the aim of improving the health system and the quality of training in Masasi and increasing the use of renewable energies.


The federal autobahn 8 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart , several federal highways as well as state and district roads run through the district .

Rail network

The rail networks of two state railways bordered on each other in the town of Pforzheim, which used to belong to Baden. The Badische Staatsbahn established the first connection from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim in 1859/61 and extended it to Mühlacker in 1863, where it joined the Stuttgart – Bretten line of the Württemberg State Railway, which was completed ten years earlier . This company opened a branch line from Pforzheim to Wildbad in 1868 and a line to Calw – Horb in the Nagold Valley in 1874 . It was not until 1914 that the connecting line from Maulbronn West to the city was added.

The Badische Lokal-Eisenbahnen- Gesellschaft connected Karlsruhe with Pforzheim from 1900/01 onwards with a narrow-gauge railway via Ittersbach. It was electrified in 1912 after the city of Pforzheim had installed an electric tram the year before. In 1931 the city took over the section from Ittersbach on its own.

In the far northeast, the new Deutsche Bahn line has been crossing the district since 1990. There is a possibility of boarding in Vaihingen / Enz, in the immediate vicinity of Illingen / Enzkreis.

Mühlacker is an important rail hub . The circular area is supplied through the rail network Karlsruhe of Albtal traffic Society : The line S 5 leads from Karlsruhe Pforzheim and Mühlacker to Bietigheim-Bissingen , S 6 of Pforzheim to Bad Wildbad , the S 9 of Bruchsal about Bretten by precinct.

Together with the city of Pforzheim and the transport companies, the Enzkreis organizes public transport through the Verkehrsgesellschaft Pforzheim-Enzkreis (VPE). In addition, the KVV tariffs apply to journeys on the rail routes between the VPE area and the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV) in the Enzkreis.

District facilities

The Enzkreis is responsible for the two vocational schools in Mühlacker, Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Schule (commercial school) and Georg-Kerschensteiner-Schule (commercial school) as well as the nursing school at the Mühlacker district hospital and the nursing assistant school at the Neuenbürg district hospital, as well as the two special needs education - and advisory centers (SBBZ) with a focus on learning Pestalozzi School Pforzheim and Comenius School Königsbach-Stein and the two SBBZ with a focus on intellectual development Gustav Heinemann School in Pforzheim and School am Winterrain in Ispringen .

The Enzkreis is also a partner in the Enzkreis-Kliniken non-profit GmbH, which belongs to the regional clinic holding Neckar-Schwarzwald, to which the clinics in the Ludwigsburg district also belong. The Enzkreis Clinics operate the Mühlacker Clinic, the Neuenbürg Clinic and the Mühlacker Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic.

Other infrastructure

Telecommunications / broadcasting

The Mühlacker transmitter of the Südwestrundfunk is located in the Enzkreis . The Langenbrand transmission tower is also located about one kilometer outside of the district boundary, but visible from large parts of the Enzkreis due to its topographical location .


There is a 220 kV substation in Pforzheim-Arlinger and a heating and power station in Pforzheim.


In the Future Atlas 2016 , the district was ranked 104th out of 402 rural districts, municipal associations and independent cities in Germany, making it one of the regions with “future opportunities”. In the 2019 edition, it was ranked 160th out of 401.

cities and communes

(Residents on December 31, 2018)


  1. Heimsheim (5035)
  2. Knittlingen (8048)
  3. Maulbronn (6588)
  4. Mühlacker , large district town (26,076)
  5. Neuenbürg (8206)

Agreed administrative communities and municipal administration associations

  1. Local government association “Heckengäu” based in Mönsheim; Member communities: Friolzheim, Mönsheim, Wiernsheim, Wimsheim, Wurmberg and the city of Heimsheim
  2. Community administration association "Kämpfelbachtal" with seat in Königsbach-Stein; Member communities: Eisingen, Kämpfelbach and Königsbach-Stein
  3. Agreed administrative partnership between the city of Maulbronn and the municipality of Sternenfels
  4. Agreed administrative partnership between the city of Mühlacker and the municipality of Ötisheim
  5. Agreed administrative partnership between the city of Neuenbürg and the municipality of Engelsbrand
  6. Community administration association Neulingen with seat in Neulingen; Member communities: Kieselbronn, Neulingen and Ölbronn-Dürrn
  7. Community administration association Tiefenbronn with seat in Tiefenbronn; Member communities: Neuhausen and Tiefenbronn


  1. Birkenfeld (10,238)
  2. Eisingen (4741)
  3. Angel Brand (4416)
  4. Friolzheim (4136)
  5. Illingen (7727)
  6. Ispringen (6041)
  7. Kämpfelbach (6357)
  8. Pressing (9167)
  9. Kieselbronn (3010)
  10. Koenigsbach-Stein (10,051)
  11. Mönsheim (2804)
  12. Neuhausen (5203)
  13. Newcomers (6703)
  14. Niefern-Öschelbronn (12,089)
  15. Ölbronn-Dürrn (3444)
  16. Ötisheim (4727)
  17. Remchingen (11,806)
  18. Star Rock (2867)
  19. Straubenhardt (11,203)
  20. Tiefenbronn (5385)
  21. Wiernsheim (6810)
  22. Wimsheim (2837)
  23. Wurmberg (3190)
Birkenfeld Eisingen Engelsbrand Friolzheim Heimsheim Illingen Ispringen Kieselbronn Knittlingen Knittlingen Knittlingen Knittlingen Maulbronn Mönsheim Mühlacker Neuenbürg Neuhausen Niefern-Öschelbronn Ötisheim Sternenfels Tiefenbronn Wiernsheim Wimsheim Wurmberg Wurmberg Keltern Remchingen Straubenhardt Neulingen Kämpfelbach Ölbronn-Dürrn Ölbronn-Dürrn Ölbronn-Dürrn Königsbach-SteinMap Enzkreis.png
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License Plate

On January 1, 1973, the district was assigned the PF distinguishing mark , which had been valid for the Pforzheim district since July 1, 1956 . It is still issued today.


  • The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg - official description according to districts and municipalities (in eight volumes); Edited by the Baden-Württemberg State Archives Department; Volume V: Karlsruhe District; Stuttgart 1976, ISBN 3-17-002542-2 .

Web links

Commons : Enzkreis  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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