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District of Pforzheim
Map of Germany, position of the Pforzheim district highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 55 '  N , 8 ° 40'  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
Existing period: 1938-1972
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : North Baden
Administrative headquarters : Pforzheim
Area : 279 km 2
Residents: 75,847 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 272 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : PF
Circle key : 08 2 37
Circle structure: 34 municipalities
Location of the Pforzheim district in Baden-Württemberg
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The district of Pforzheim was a district in Baden-Württemberg , which was dissolved in the course of the district reform on January 1, 1973 .



The district of Pforzheim was in the west of Baden-Württemberg .

Geographically, he had a share in the Kraichgau in the north and in the foothills of the northern Black Forest .

Neighboring areas

Its neighbors were Karlsruhe , Vaihingen , Leonberg and Calw in 1972, starting clockwise in the west . The district seat was the city of Pforzheim , which thus did not belong to the district area. It divided the district into a larger part in the north-west of Pforzheim and a smaller part in the south-east of the city.


The area of ​​the Pforzheim district is one of the oldest parts of the state of Baden , which was elevated to a Grand Duchy in 1806 . From the old Pforzheim office , first a city and a first rural office and a second rural office were formed with the involvement of a municipality, which was reunited in 1813 with the exclusion of the city of Pforzheim. In 1819 the city of Pforzheim was reintegrated and the Oberamt Pforzheim was formed. In the north of the district there was also the Stein office, which was dissolved in 1821. Its communities were divided between the offices of Pforzheim, Bretten and Durlach . The Pforzheim Oberamt (district office from 1864), which belonged to the regional commissioner district of Karlsruhe , remained unchanged in its boundaries until 1920. Then the municipality of Stein was incorporated into the district office of Bretten and when the district office of Bretten was dissolved in 1936, the municipality of Nussbaum was added. Like all Baden district offices in 1939 was awarded the district office Pforzheim due to the "Law on the county self-government" , the term district Pforzheim .

After the formation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the district of Pforzheim belonged to the administrative district of North Baden . As a result of the municipal reform from 1970 onwards, the district area changed in three cases. On September 1, 1971, the municipality of Ittersbach was assigned to the district of Karlsruhe , as it became part of the newly formed municipality of Karlsbad on the same day . At the same time, the Würm community was incorporated into the Pforzheim district, as was the Hohenwart community on April 1, 1972.

With effect from January 1, 1973, the district of Pforzheim was dissolved and its communities part of the newly formed Enzkreis , which became the legal successor of the district of Pforzheim. But on January 1, 1974, he gave the municipality of Büchenbronn, on January 1, 1975 the municipality of Huchenfeld and on September 20, 1975 the municipality of Eutingen an der Enz, which had all belonged to the Pforzheim district, to the Pforzheim urban district.

Population development

All population figures are census results.

year Residents
May 17, 1939 43,067
September 13, 1950 55,930
year Residents
June 6, 1961 63,080
May 27, 1970 75,847


District Administrator

The senior officials or district administrators of the district office or district of Pforzheim 1807–1972:

coat of arms

The Pforzheim district did not have its own coat of arms.

Economy and Infrastructure


The federal motorway 8 Karlsruhe-Stuttgart ran through the district from west to east . The federal highways 10 , 294 and 463 also ran through the district.


From 1938 onwards, there were initially 34 communities in the Pforzheim district. There were no cities in the district.

On March 7, 1968, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg set the course for a community reform . With the law to strengthen the administrative power of smaller municipalities , it was possible for smaller municipalities to voluntarily unite to form larger municipalities. The beginning was made on July 1, 1971 with the community of Dietenhausen, which was incorporated into the community of Ellmendingen, which in turn became part of the new community of Keltern on March 30, 1972. In the period that followed, the number of communities decreased steadily until the Pforzheim district was finally merged into the Enz district on January 1, 1973 .

The largest municipality in the district was Eutingen an der Enz. The smallest municipality was Dietenhausen.

In the table, the municipalities of the Pforzheim district are before the municipal reform. All municipalities, with the exception of Ittersbach, now belong to the Enzkreis or the Pforzheim district . The population figures refer to the census results in 1961 and 1970.

former parish today's parish today's district Resident
on June 6, 1961
on May 27, 1970
Building block Newbies Enzkreis 987 1163
Bilfingen Kämpfelbach Enzkreis 1561 1741
Büchenbronn Pforzheim Pforzheim (city) 3231 4415
Dietenhausen Pressing Enzkreis 201 228
Dietlingen Pressing Enzkreis 2876 3198
Skinny Ölbronn-Dürrn Enzkreis 1046 1231
Eisingen Eisingen Enzkreis 1425 2360
Ellmendingen Pressing Enzkreis 1836 1995
Sing out Kämpfelbach Enzkreis 3039 3489
Eutingen an der Enz Pforzheim Pforzheim (city) 6129 6500
Goebrichen Newbies Enzkreis 1197 1289
Hamberg Neuhausen Enzkreis 699 761
Hohenwart Pforzheim Pforzheim (city) 745 791
Huchenfeld Pforzheim Pforzheim (city) 2354 2652
Ispringen Ispringen Enzkreis 4111 6413
Ittersbach Carlsbad Karlsruhe 1941 2238
Kieselbronn Kieselbronn Enzkreis 1731 1919
Koenigsbach Koenigsbach stone Enzkreis 3765 4104
Langenalb Straubenhardt Enzkreis 880 975
Lehningen Tiefenbronn Enzkreis 346 452
Mulhouse Tiefenbronn Enzkreis 734 824
Neuhausen Neuhausen Enzkreis 940 1088
Niefern Niefern-Öschelbronn Enzkreis 5644 6656
Nöttingen Remchingen Enzkreis 1351 1754
Walnut Newbies Enzkreis 729 852
Öschelbronn Niefern-Öschelbronn Enzkreis 1892 2250
Schellbronn Neuhausen Enzkreis 623 718
To sing Remchingen Enzkreis 1819 2483
stone Koenigsbach stone Enzkreis 2395 3027
Steinegg Neuhausen Enzkreis 392 514
Tiefenbronn Tiefenbronn Enzkreis 1293 1564
hamlet Pressing Enzkreis 962 1076
Wilferdingen Remchingen Enzkreis 2885 3413
Worm Pforzheim Pforzheim (city) 1321 1714

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinctive sign PF when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It is issued in the Enzkreis and in the Pforzheim district until today.


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Individual evidence

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