District of Mosbach

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Coat of arms of the district of Mosbach
District of Mosbach
Map of Germany, position of the Mosbach district highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 20 '  N , 9 ° 5'  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
Existing period: 1938-1972
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : North Baden
Administrative headquarters : Mosbach
Area : 454 km 2
Residents: 76,474 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 168 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : MOS
Circle key : 08 2 36
Circle structure: 58 municipalities
Location of the district of Mosbach in Baden-Württemberg
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The district of Mosbach was a district in Baden-Württemberg , which was dissolved in the course of the district reform on January 1, 1973 .



The district of Mosbach was in the north of Baden-Württemberg .

Geographically, he had a share in the Odenwald and northeastern Kraichgau . The district town of Mosbach was roughly in the middle of the district.

Neighboring areas

Its neighbors were the districts of Buchen , Heilbronn , Sinsheim and Heidelberg in 1972, starting clockwise in the north .


Before 1803 the area of ​​the district of Mosbach belonged mainly to the Electoral Palatinate ( Oberamt Mosbach ), then in 1806 it came to the Grand Duchy of Baden . The district office of Eberbach and the district offices of Neckargemünd and Mosbach were established in the later district of Mosbach , with a city office and a first and a second rural office in Mosbach until 1822, which were then merged. In 1857 the Neckargemünd office was dissolved and its communities were assigned to the Eberbach district office. After the Neckarbischofsheim district office was dissolved in 1864, the Hüffenhardt community came under the Mosbach office. When the Eberbach office was dissolved in 1924, the eastern municipalities came to the Mosbach District Office, the western to the Heidelberg District Office. In 1939, the district of Mosbach emerged from the district office of Mosbach through the law on district self-government .

After the formation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the district of Mosbach belonged to the administrative district of North Baden . As a result of the municipal reform in 1970, the district area changed in one case. On March 1, 1972, the community of Heinsheim was incorporated into the community of Bad Rappenau and thus belonged to the district of Sinsheim .

With effect from January 1, 1973, the district of Mosbach was dissolved. His area was mainly in the newly formed Odenwaldkreis , which became the legal successor of the Mosbach district. Some communities also came to the district of Heilbronn and one to the Rhein-Neckar district . In order to avoid confusion with the district of the same name in Hesse, the Odenwald district in Baden-Württemberg was renamed “Neckar-Odenwald district” in 1974.

Population development

All population figures are census results.

year Residents
May 17, 1939 40,034
September 13, 1950 61,704
year Residents
June 6, 1961 64,430
May 27, 1970 76,474


District Administrator

The senior officials or district administrators of the district office or district of Mosbach from 1824 to 1972:

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the district of Mosbach showed in a divided shield, split at the bottom, a growing, red armored black eagle with a silver breast shield, in it the Latin capital letters O and M below each other; at the bottom in front of white and blue diagonally roughened, behind in red a six-spoke silver wheel. The coat of arms was awarded on January 12, 1960 by the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg .

The eagle stands for the district town of Mosbach, which was a free imperial town until 1330 . The diamonds symbolize the Electoral Palatinate, to which the largest part of the district area belongs, and the wheel stands for the earlier affiliation of some communities to the ore monastery Mainz .

Economy and Infrastructure


The district area was not touched by any federal motorway . Therefore only federal roads, namely the B 27 , B 37 and B 292, ran through the district.


From 1938 onwards, 58 municipalities initially belonged to the district of Mosbach, including 2 towns.

On March 7, 1968, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg set the course for a community reform . With the law to strengthen the administrative power of smaller municipalities , it was possible for smaller municipalities to voluntarily unite to form larger municipalities. It started with the municipality of Mörtelstein in the district of Mosbach, which merged with the municipality of Obrigheim on January 1, 1971 . After that, the number of municipalities steadily decreased until the district of Mosbach was finally dissolved on January 1, 1973.

The largest municipality in the district was the district town of Mosbach , while Lindach was the smallest.

In the table, the municipalities of the district of Mosbach are before the municipal reform. The population figures refer to the census results in 1961 and 1970.

former parish today's parish today's district Resident
on June 6, 1961
on May 27, 1970
Aglasterhausen Aglasterhausen Neckar-Odenwald district 1,755 2,294
Allfield Cheap home Neckar-Odenwald district 1.110 1,177
Asbach Obrigheim Neckar-Odenwald district 761 810
Auerbach Elz Valley Neckar-Odenwald district 977 1.004
Balsbach Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 326 314
Cheap home Cheap home Neckar-Odenwald district 1,295 1,595
Binau Binau Neckar-Odenwald district 614 1.007
Breitenbronn Aglasterhausen Neckar-Odenwald district 270 309
Dallau Elz Valley Neckar-Odenwald district 1,555 2,229
Daudenzell Aglasterhausen Neckar-Odenwald district 310 291
Diedesheim Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 1,727 2,270
Fahrbach Fahrbach Neckar-Odenwald district 848 4,219
Guttenbach Neckargerach Neckar-Odenwald district 406 420
Hassmersheim Hassmersheim Neckar-Odenwald district 2,760 3,237
Heinsheim Bad Rappenau Heilbronn 1,164 1,458
Herbolzheim (Jagst) Neudenau Heilbronn 1,221 1,404
Hochhausen Hassmersheim Neckar-Odenwald district 498 592
Hüffenhardt Hüffenhardt Neckar-Odenwald district 1,383 1,424
Kälbertshausen Hüffenhardt Neckar-Odenwald district 363 421
Katzental Cheap home Neckar-Odenwald district 400 462
Krumbach Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 533 630
Limbach (Baden) Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 1,194 1,348
Lindach Eberbach Rhein-Neckar district 179 197
Lohrbach Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 1,220 1,324
Michelbach Aglasterhausen Neckar-Odenwald district 542 2,672
Mittelschefflenz Schefflenz Neckar-Odenwald district 741 961
Mortar stone Obrigheim Neckar-Odenwald district 400 454
Mosbach , city Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 11,343 13,674
Muckental Elz Valley Neckar-Odenwald district 450 464
Mülben Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 299 325
Neckarburken Elz Valley Neckar-Odenwald district 521 522
Neckarelz Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 4,006 5,017
Neckargerach Neckargerach Neckar-Odenwald district 1,684 1,866
Neckarkatzenbach Neunkirchen Neckar-Odenwald district 192 159
Neckarmuehlbach Hassmersheim Neckar-Odenwald district 371 450
Neckarzimmern Neckarzimmern Neckar-Odenwald district 1,325 1,618
Neudenau , city Neudenau Heilbronn 1,906 2.118
Neunkirchen Neunkirchen Neckar-Odenwald district 1,197 1,376
Oberdielbach Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 779 898
Oberschefflenz Schefflenz Neckar-Odenwald district 1,299 1,428
Oberschwarzach Schwarzach Neckar-Odenwald district 233 253
Obrigheim Obrigheim Neckar-Odenwald district 2,836 3,914
Reichenbuch Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 263 331
Rittersbach Elz Valley Neckar-Odenwald district 640 694
Robers Fahrbach Neckar-Odenwald district 468 575
Sattelbach Mosbach Neckar-Odenwald district 597 630
Schollbrunn Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 572 607
Stone on the stove Neuenstadt am Kocher Heilbronn 1,233 1,364
Strümpfelbrunn Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 970 1,143
Sulzbach Cheap home Neckar-Odenwald district 1,094 1,387
Trienz Fahrbach Neckar-Odenwald district 627 712
Underefficiency Schefflenz Neckar-Odenwald district 1,119 1,195
Unterschwarzach Schwarzach Neckar-Odenwald district 1,295 1,620
Wagenschwend Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 484 533
Waldkatzenbach Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 671 747
Waldmühlbach Cheap home Neckar-Odenwald district 681 671
Weisbach Waldbrunn Neckar-Odenwald district 354 356
Zwingenberg Zwingenberg Neckar-Odenwald district 369 606

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinctive sign MOS when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It is still issued in the Neckar-Odenwald district to this day.

Individual evidence

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