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Coat of arms of the Überlingen district
Überlingen district
Map of Germany, position of the district of Überlingen highlighted

Coordinates: 47 ° 50 '  N , 9 ° 15'  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
Existing period: 1938-1972
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : South Baden
Administrative headquarters : Überlingen
Area : 566 km 2
Residents: 73,202 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 129 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : OV
Circle key : 08 3 45
Circle structure: 66 parishes
Location of the district of Überlingen in Baden-Württemberg
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The district of Überlingen was a district in Baden-Württemberg that was dissolved in the course of the district reform on January 1, 1973 .



The district of Überlingen was in the south of Baden-Württemberg .

Geographically, the district of Überlingen had a share in the Hegau and Linzgau . The district town of Überlingen was in the southwest of the district.

Neighboring areas

Its neighboring districts were the Stockach , Sigmaringen , Ravensburg and Tettnang districts , starting clockwise in 1972 . In the south, Lake Constance formed its natural border.


Before 1800, the area of ​​the later district of Überlingen belonged to various dominions, including the princes of Fürstenberg . In 1810, the area came to Baden , which initially formed several offices , including the offices or district offices of Heiligenberg, Herdwangen, Meersburg, Pfullendorf , Salem and Überlingen, which changed several times over the course of history and some were soon dissolved. They belonged to the Seekreis in the state commissioner district of Konstanz . In 1849 the Heiligenberg District Office and in 1857 the Salem District Office were abolished. The two remaining offices of Überlingen and Pfullendorf were merged in 1936 to form the office of Überlingen. This resulted in the Überlingen district in 1939.

After the formation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the district of Überlingen belonged to the administrative district of South Baden . In the run-up to the district reform or the community reform from 1971, the district area changed in five cases: On January 1, 1969, the Adelsreute community was assigned to the Ravensburg district, where it was incorporated into the city of Ravensburg five years later (October 1, 1974) . At the same time, on January 1, 1969, the Gaisweiler community moved from the Sigmaringen district to the Überlingen district. On December 1, 1971, the municipality of Raderach and on April 1, 1972 the municipality of Kluftern merged with the city of Friedrichshafen, Tettnang district , so both communities left the Überlingen district. On December 1, 1971, the municipality of Wangen was incorporated into the municipality of Ostrach, Sigmaringen district, and thus also left the Überlingen district.

With effect from January 1, 1973, the Überlingen district was dissolved. Most of its communities merged into the new Lake Constance district , which became the legal successor to the Überlingen district. The communities in the northern district were incorporated into the enlarged Sigmaringen district. Since then, all communities in the former Überlingen district have belonged to the Tübingen district .

Population development

All population figures are census results.

year Residents
May 17, 1939 43.102
September 13, 1950 50,839
year Residents
June 6, 1961 58,595
May 27, 1970 73.202


District Administrator

The senior officials or district administrators of the district office or district of Überlingen 1803–1972:

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the district of Überlingen showed in a shield diagonally divided by silver and blue above a black stepped sloping bar, below a silver fish sloping downwards. The coat of arms was awarded by the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg on October 16, 1958.

The sloping beam symbolizes the "Heiligenberger Stiege", the coat of arms of the Counts of Heiligenberg , who ruled the Linzgau, which essentially coincides with the district area. They were inherited by the Counts of Werdenberg and these in turn by the Princes of Fürstenberg. The fish symbolizes Lake Constance and stands for the once important fishing in the region.

Economy and Infrastructure


There was no federal motorway running through the district . Therefore, the district was opened up by the federal highway 31 and several district roads.


From 1936 onwards, there were 66 municipalities in the Überlingen district, four of them towns.

On March 7, 1968, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg set the course for a community reform . With the law to strengthen the administrative power of smaller municipalities , it was possible for smaller municipalities to voluntarily unite to form larger municipalities. The beginning in the district of Überlingen was made on July 1, 1971 by the municipality of Bambergen, which merged with the city of Überlingen . In the period that followed, the number of communities steadily decreased until the Überlingen district was finally dissolved on January 1, 1973.

The largest municipality in the district was the district town of Überlingen. The smallest communities were Roggenbeuren (in 1961) and Gaisweiler, which was only reclassified in 1969 (in 1970).

In the table, the municipalities of the Überlingen district are before the municipal reform. The population figures refer to the census results in 1961 and 1970.

former parish today's parish today's district Resident
on June 6, 1961
on May 27, 1970
Aach-Linz Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 815 865
Noblemen 1 Ravensburg Ravensburg 151 130
Ahausen Bermatingen Lake Constance district 454 531
Altheim Frickingen Lake Constance district 591 652
Baitenhausen Meersburg Lake Constance district 174 157
Bamberg Überlingen Lake Constance district 224 309
Bermatingen Bermatingen Lake Constance district 1,335 2,009
Beuren Salem Lake Constance district 665 756
Billafingen Owingen Lake Constance district 360 401
Bonndorf Überlingen Lake Constance district 354 348
Bow sail Salem Lake Constance district 210 224
Burgweiler Ostrach Sigmaringen 714 731
Daisendorf Daisendorf Lake Constance district 302 554
Deggenhausen Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 501 649
Deisendorf Überlingen Lake Constance district 314 464
Denkingen Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 539 619
Frickingen Frickingen Lake Constance district 999 1,210
Gaisweiler 2 Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 104 106
Grasbeuren Salem Lake Constance district 158 240
Großschönach Herdwangen-Schönach Sigmaringen 782 665
Großstadelhofen Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 316 327
Hagnau on Lake Constance Hagnau on Lake Constance Lake Constance district 1,031 1,129
Hattenweiler Heiligenberg Lake Constance district 424 373
Heiligenberg Heiligenberg Lake Constance district 1,018 1.108
Herdwangen Herdwangen-Schönach Sigmaringen 782 819
Hödingen Überlingen Lake Constance district 497 500
Hohenbodman Owingen Lake Constance district 195 230
Homberg Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 652 667
Illmensee Illmensee Sigmaringen 386 476
Illwangen Illmensee Sigmaringen 414 438
Immenstaad Immenstaad on Lake Constance Lake Constance district 1.912 2,773
Ittendorf Markdorf Lake Constance district 479 510
Kippenhausen Immenstaad on Lake Constance Lake Constance district 227 333
Clumps Friedrichshafen Lake Constance district 1,234 1,680
Leustetten Frickingen Lake Constance district 269 269
Lippertsreute Überlingen Lake Constance district 474 594
Markdorf , city Markdorf Lake Constance district 4,750 6,495
Meersburg , city Meersburg Lake Constance district 3,298 4,067
Mimmenhausen Salem Lake Constance district 1,222 1,584
Mittelstenweiler Salem Lake Constance district 203 314
Mühlhofen Uhldingen-Mühlhofen Lake Constance district 1,053 1,422
Nettle cheeks Überlingen Lake Constance district 274 297
Neufrach Salem Lake Constance district 1,074 1,271
Nussdorf Überlingen Lake Constance district 730 1,043
Oberstenweiler Salem Lake Constance district 144 171
Oberuhldingen Uhldingen-Mühlhofen Lake Constance district 1,268 1,951
Owingen Owingen Lake Constance district 897 1,378
Pfullendorf , city Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 4,773 6.239
Raderach Friedrichshafen Lake Constance district 153 199
Rickenbach Salem Lake Constance district 202 175
Riedheim Markdorf Lake Constance district 921 1,138
Roggenbeuren Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 140 140
Ruschweiler Illmensee Sigmaringen 354 392
Salem Salem Lake Constance district 968 1,000
Sipplingen Sipplingen Lake Constance district 1,279 1,805
Stetten Stetten Lake Constance district 384 812
Taisersdorf Owingen Lake Constance district 209 224
Tuefingen Salem Lake Constance district 232 268
Überlingen , city Überlingen Lake Constance district 10,501 12,794
Untersiggingen Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 449 516
Unteruhldingen Uhldingen-Mühlhofen Lake Constance district 873 1.166
Urnau Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 282 297
Cheeks 3 Ostrach Sigmaringen 156 165
Weildorf Salem Lake Constance district 442 560
Winter sulgen Heiligenberg Lake Constance district 870 874
Wittenhofen Deggenhausertal Lake Constance district 744 662
Zell am Andelsbach Pfullendorf Sigmaringen 196 232


1 Adelsreute was a Baden exclave in the Überlingen district, which was reclassified to the Ravensburg district on January 1, 1969.
2 Gaisweiler was a Hohenzollern exclave of the Sigmaringen district, which was reclassified to the Überlingen district on January 1, 1969.
3 Wangen was a Baden enclave of the Überlingen district, which was reclassified to the Sigmaringen district on January 1, 1969.

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinctive sign ÜB when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It was issued until December 31, 1972.

On October 16, 2019, the district council of the Lake Constance district approved the reintroduction of the old license plates ÜB and TT (Tettnang) in the fourth attempt, and a little later the district of Ravensburg. ÜB has been issued in the Lake Constance district since February 3, 2020, and also in the Ravensburg district from July 22, 2020.


Individual evidence

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