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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Salem
Salem (Baden)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Salem highlighted

Coordinates: 47 ° 46 '  N , 9 ° 18'  E

Basic data
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : Tübingen
County : Lake Constance district
Height : 440 m above sea level NHN
Area : 62.7 km 2
Residents: 11,345 (Dec 31, 2018)
Population density : 181 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 88682
Primaries : 07553, 07554, 07544, 07556
License plate : FN, TT, ÜB
Community key : 08 4 35 052
Address of the
municipal administration:
Leutkircher Strasse 1
88682 Salem
Website :
Mayor : Manfred Härle ( CDU )
Location of the municipality of Salem in the Lake Constance district
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Salem is a municipality in southern Baden-Württemberg in the Lake Constance district . The municipality was awarded the title of state-recognized resort .


Geographical location

The community is located about nine kilometers east of Überlingen and ten kilometers northeast of Meersburg im Linzgau in the hinterland of Lake Constance, mainly in the Salemer Aach valley . The Oberstenweiler district is located on a secondary summit of the Gehrenberg at an altitude of up to 600 m. The district area covers 62.70 km².

Neighboring communities

The community borders on Überlingen , Meersburg , Bermatingen , Heiligenberg , Deggenhausertal , Frickingen and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen .

Community structure

The municipality of Salem consists of eleven suburbs : the main town Salem (with the village Stefansfeld and the farms Forst [erhof] , Schwandorf [erhof] and Spitznagelhof ), Beuren (with the village Altenbeuren , the hamlet of Bächen , the houses Aspen , Binzwangen , Faßler , Holdern , Im Tiefenweg , Kaltenbrunnen and Trillenbühl , the Ölmühle farm as well as the Merwangen and Togerbach deserts ), Buggensegel (with the houses in Im Bremgarten and In den Rubäckern and the Höfe Wehhausen ), Grasbeuren (with the houses Grasbeuren Bahnstation , In der Brief and In der Roggenbreite ), Mimmenhausen (with the Killenberg house and the Banzenreute desert ), Mittelstenweiler (with the village of Unterstenweiler and the Roter Torkel house ), Neufrach (with the hamlet of Leutkirch and Haberstenweiler , the farms at Beim Steinernen Brückle , Birkenweiler , the fisherman's house , the houses Leimgrube , Mimmenhausen-Neufrach train station , Mimmenhausen train station , Mittelstenweiler train station , Tobelhof and Wespach and the Wüstungen Ge roldshaldum and Herwigiswilare ), Oberstenweiler (with the Rimpertsweiler farm ), Rickenbach , Tüfingen (with the hamlet of Baufnang , the houses Im Strohschneider , the Berghof and Ralzhof and the farms Im Vogelsang , Mendlishausen ) and Weildorf (with the Zinken Im Kogenwinkel , the farm Schapbuch and the Rustingsberg desert ).

coat of arms District Population
(as of December 31, 2019)
(as of December 31, 2019)
Salem Salem 1229 744 ha 7,439,778 m²
Beuren Beuren 1691 888 ha 8,882,136 m²
Bow sail Bow sail 324 361 ha 3,609,393 m²
Grasbeuren Grasbeuren 346 347 ha 3,466,822 m²
Mimmenhausen Mimmenhausen 3272 628 ha 6,281,219 m²
Mittelstenweiler Mittelstenweiler 698 314 ha 3,144,257 m²
Neufrach Neufrach 2445 1030 ha 10,297,265 m²
Oberstenweiler Oberstenweiler 343 324 ha 3,244,134 m²
Rickenbach Rickenbach 234 171 ha 1,706,179 m²
Tuefingen Tuefingen 312 911 ha 9,113,922 m²
Weildorf Weildorf 774 551 ha 5,513,321 m²


Salem territory around 1765

For a detailed history of the monastery, see the article Reichsabbey Salem .

Until the 19th century

The area had been populated at least since the Bronze Age. From the 3rd century onwards, the Alemanni , and later the incoming Franks, founded several villages, including the small settlement Salemanneswilare (later Salmannsweiler).

It is here that the Cistercian Order founded the Salem Monastery in 1137 . It was quickly raised to the rank of imperial abbey and gained even greater independence in 1178 when it was given by Pope Alexander III. was placed directly under the Holy See .

The monastery soon achieved land ownership and extraordinary prosperity through donations, gifts and its own trade, and gained in importance far beyond the region.

The highly Gothic Salem Minster , which has been preserved to this day, was built from around 1285 to 1425 . In 1595 the abbey was given the general vicariate of all Cistercian monasteries in southern Germany. In 1637, through a contract with the Princely House of Fürstenberg , she received county rights and thus full sovereignty over the Salem area.

In the 17th century, the monastery had to cope with severe setbacks. It was only slowly recovering from the Thirty Years' War , which brought death and devastation to entire regions. In 1697 a fire not only destroyed most of the buildings but also numerous art treasures in the abbey.

In the period that followed, the Baroque buildings , which have been preserved to this day, were built under the master builder Franz Beer from Vorarlberg , and the Reichsstift experienced a splendid rise again. Among other things, Abbot Anselm II. Schwab founded an orphanage in 1749, which is considered the first savings bank in Germany. Anselm also had the Birnau pilgrimage church built on the shores of Lake Constance.

The great time of the monastery ended with the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss in 1803. It was secularized , the territory fell to the Margraviate of Baden . From then on, Salem was only of regional political importance.


Today's municipality was reorganized as part of the municipal reform in Baden-Württemberg on April 1, 1972 by the union of the municipalities of Salem, Buggensegel, Mimmenhausen, Mittelstenweiler, Neufrach, Rickenbach, Tüfingen and Weildorf. On January 1, 1973, Oberstenweiler and Grasbeuren were incorporated. Beuren was incorporated on January 1, 1975.

Population development

year Population numbers
June 30, 1976 06,800
March 30, 1980 07,676
June 30, 1985 08,607
June 30, 1990 09,273
June 30, 1995 10,321
June 30, 2000 10,986
June 30, 2005 11,152
June 30, 2010 11,166
June 30, 2015 11,471
June 30, 2019 11,625


Municipal council

The mayor, who is directly elected for eight years, is a member of the municipal council as chairman with voting rights. The local elections on May 26, 2019 led to the following result:

Salem municipal council - distribution of seats from 2019 in
6th 6th 6th 
A total of 22 seats
  • SPD : 2
  • GOL : 6
  • FDP : 2
  • FW : 6
  • CDU : 6

GOL = Green Open List, successor to the Alliance for Salem

City council election 2019
in percent
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
-12.2  % p
+ 4.4  % p
+ 5.9  % p
+1.4  % p
+ 0.4  % p


Salem has joined forces with the communities of Frickingen and Heiligenberg to form a community administration association.


Town hall in the Neufrach district

Manfred Härle has been Mayor of Salem since 2004. On September 30, 2012, he was re-elected with 92.7 percent of the votes in the first ballot and a turnout of 33.9 percent; he was the only candidate for office. Härle, who started as a non-party, was mayor of Talheim in the Tuttlingen district from 2001 to 2004 . On November 1, 2004 he took office; the official inauguration took place on November 8, 2004.

  • 1972–1988: Werner Kesenheimer
  • 1988–2004: Peter Allgaier (FWV)
  • since 2004: Manfred Härle (independent)

coat of arms

Blazon : "Azure, one in two rows of red and silver geschachter inclined beam (Cistercian bars), topped with a growing from the lower margin, left-turned golden Abtsstab with triple silver after gekehrtem below Pannisellus (handkerchief)."

Town twinning

Culture and sights

Salem Castle
Minster and castle
The Feuchtmayer Museum in Mimmenhausen


  • The Salem Castle is home to the largest fire brigade museum in Europe, a distillery and cooperage, the archive of the art collection Bodenseekreis , a historic forge and a wine cellar and provides insight into 700 years of art history.
  • The Feuchtmayer Museum in the Mimmenhausen district shows exhibits on the life and work of the baroque sculptor and stucco maker Josef Anton Feuchtmayer , who lived and worked in Mimmenhausen.
  • Another attraction of the community is the Affenberg , an almost 20-hectare wooded area open to visitors, in which around 200 Barbary macaques roam freely. The site also includes a large carp pond, an outdoor enclosure for fallow deer and a rearing and feeding station for white storks .



In summer, the open-air pool at Schlosssee attracts bathers from all over the region. There is also a tennis facility and hall, a football and athletics stadium, sports fields, sports halls and rehearsal rooms for clubs.


Fanfare procession Salem at the open day on September 14, 2014 in the monastery and palace of Salem.

Salem has numerous clubs, including the Salem fanfare train.

Regular events

The Schlossseefest Salem, one of the largest open-air events in the Lake Constance region, takes place on the outdoor pool area every first weekend in summer . The highlight is a sound art fireworks display on Saturday evening over the castle lake. International artists perform at large open-air concerts on the castle grounds.

Economy and Infrastructure

Building of the volunteer fire brigade and the DRK in Mimmenhausen

The economy in Salem is characterized by small businesses and craft businesses. A significant proportion of employees do not work in Salem, but commute to the larger cities in the region. The companies Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau and Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH are based in Salem. The Salem business park is trying to create new jobs in the community.

There are also a number of high-tech companies and an industrial park in the Neufrach industrial park.

With the Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg , the municipality has the oldest savings bank in Germany. It was founded in 1749 by Abbot Anselm II. On August 1, 1975, the then Bezirkssparkasse Salem was merged with the Bezirkssparkasse Heiligenberg to today's Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg.

There are 115 small burners in the municipality of Salem (as of December 2011).


The Salem train station building

Since 1901 Salem has been connected to the railway network by the Stahringen – Friedrichshafen line. There are hourly connections to Markdorf and Friedrichshafen in the east and Überlingen , Radolfzell and Singen in the west. The community belongs to the Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsverbund ( bodo ). The railway line to Frickingen has been closed and dismantled.


A well-known private school has been established in Salem . The boarding school at Schule Schloss Salem was founded on April 14, 1920 by reform educators Kurt Hahn and Prince Max von Baden and is under the patronage of the respective Baden-Württemberg minister of culture.

The Salem Education Center, which opened in 1976, is located directly on the Schlosssee. There is a community school here .

The suburbs of Mimmenhausen, Neufrach and Beuren each have their own primary school , while Stefansfeld has a public special needs school with an attached advice center for early intervention. The Fritz-Baur-Grundschule is named after Fritz Baur, then mayor of the independent community of Mimmenhausen for community reform in Baden-Württemberg.

The Sonnenbergschule school for the mentally handicapped is located in Buggensegel .

In addition, the community's music school is located in the suburb of Weildorf in the former school building.


Sons and daughters of the church

Personalities connected to the community

  • Markus Baur (* 1971), national handball player, lives in Salem and played in the suburb of Mimmenhausen
  • Thomas Stehle (* 1980), soccer player, grew up in Salem and learned to play soccer at RW Salem


  • Author collective: Salem. Kaleidoscope of a thriving community . Papyri bookstore, Salem-Mimmenhausen 2000, 72 pages, ISBN 3-929551-08-X

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