Jodok Pein

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Jodok Pein (also Jodoc Pein , Jodokus Pein ) (* in Salem ; † after 1729) was the imperial-royal registrar of the Latin expedition of the Reich Chancellery, lay founder , draftsman and teaching provost in Vienna under Charles VI. and was raised to imperial nobility in 1729 . As the closest collaborator of the Secret Reich Secretary Florentin von Consbruch, he had an overview of all important processes in the chancellery. His origin was Salem .

His brother, Ferdinand Pein, was an Imperial and Royal Court Chancellery taxator.


Signature of Jodok Pein in André Falquet's letter of nobility from 1725

In 1725, Jodok Pein signed André Falquets' letter of nobility :
Collat ​​(at) um et Registr (at) um
        Jodoc Pein mpp ria

Registered documents

  • André Falquet's letter of nobility
  • Copia Käyserl. Letter to the princes of the Swabian Cräyses who sent the tender. Vienna, September 25, 1717.
  • Diplôme de l'Empereur Rodolphe II en dâte du December 16, 1605. with the Confirmation de l'Empereur Charles VI. on October 31, 1721.

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