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The one with the certificate (see below) from 1725 from Charles VI. improved coat of arms of Falquet
Seal of Charles VI.

André Falquet (born February 11, 1681 in Geneva ; † January 28, 1755 ibid) was a Geneva merchant and trader and a member of the Council of Two Hundred .


Falquet's ancestors on his father's side came from Pouilly ( Contamine-sur-Arve ). His great-great-grandfather Aymé Falquet was a vinegar manufacturer there . André Falquet's great-grandfather finally bought a plot of land in Geneva. Falquet's father Pierre was a jeweler.

André Falqet was baptized by Charles Dufour on Monday 14 February 1681 in the Saint-Pierre Cathedral . Godfather was André Rousseau, the brother of David Rousseau, Jean-Jacques' grandfather.

From the end of his studies (1703), Falquet worked in his father's business (jewelery trade). In 1703 he traveled to southern Germany . He got involved in the turmoil of the War of the Spanish Succession and, since he was able to speak French, he was able to work with the French Marshal de Villars for the release of four confiscated wagons with merchandise belonging to Augsburg merchants. For this he received a silver-gilt goblet from the city of Augsburg , the gobelet André Falquet . For the kaiserlich- Austrian army provided services (stores) was Falquet with Nobilitierungsurkunde knighted on June 16, 1725, and improved its crest.

From 1712 there are court documents in connection with a Jeanne Falquet. From the years 1730–1733 there are documents of a trial between André Falquet, on the one hand, and his aunt Judith Falquet, and her husband, Moïse Faure, Dr. med. from Grenoble, on the other side.

André Falquet married Suzanne Lullin on June 10, 1731 .

From 1734 Falquet was a member of the Geneva Council of Two Hundred .

After sheets were stolen from his home in 1744, he filed a complaint.

André Falquet died on January 28, 1755 in Geneva; his estate is recorded in the “Inventaire après-dèces” in Geneva .

Nobility letter

In 1725 he was awarded a certificate to Charles VI. ennobled and his coat of arms improved . The document contains 13 labeled parchment pages, of which the depiction of the coat of arms fills an entire page. The entire text of the document is in Latin , as the chancellery regulations did not allow the use of French - André's mother tongue - but prescribed the use of German or Latin. The document is signed and attested several times, as required by nobility and coat of arms letters from the imperial court chancellery, namely by

The seal of Charles VI is also on the letter. attached.

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