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Coat of arms of the district of Buchen
Buchen district
Map of Germany, position of the district of Buchen highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 30 '  N , 9 ° 25'  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
Existing period: 1938-1972
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : North Baden
Administrative headquarters : Beeches (Odenwald)
Area : 820 km 2
Residents: 67,557 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 82 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : BCH
Circle key : 08 2 32
Circle structure: 82 municipalities
Location of the district of Buchen in Baden-Württemberg
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The district of Buchen was a district in Baden-Württemberg that was dissolved in the course of the district reform on January 1, 1973 . The legal successor to the district was the Neckar-Odenwald district .



The district of Buchen was in the north of Baden-Württemberg.

Geographically, he had a share in the Odenwald and the western building land . The district town of Buchen was roughly in the middle of the district.

Neighboring areas

Its neighboring districts were in early 1972 clockwise starting in the north of Miltenberg (Bavaria), Tauberbischofsheim , Künzelsau , Heilbronn , Mosbach and Heidelberg as well as Erbach (Hesse).


Before 1803, the area of ​​the district of Buchen belonged to the Electoral Palatinate and to the monasteries Mainz and Würzburg . In 1806 the land came to Baden , which later, in the same year, was elevated to a Grand Duchy . The offices and district offices of Buchen , Osterburken , Boxberg and Walldürn were established in the later district of Buchen . In 1826 the seat of the Osterburken office was moved to Adelsheim and its name was changed accordingly. Furthermore, the Amt Krautheim emerged from the Ballenberg District Bailiff . In 1872 the District Office Boxberg was dissolved and its communities were incorporated into the District Office Tauberbischofsheim , but it was rebuilt in 1898. The Walldürn district was also dissolved in 1872. Its communities were divided between the offices of Buchen and Wertheim. In 1879 some communities came to the Buchen and Adelsheim districts. In 1924 the District Office Boxberg was dissolved again. Some of his places came to Adelsheim, which in turn was also closed in 1936 and came to the Buchen District Office. In 1939 the district of Buchen was created through the law on district self-government in Baden (district regulation) .

After the formation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the district of Buchen belonged to the administrative district of North Baden . As a result of the municipal reform from 1970, the district area changed in four cases. On January 1, 1971 the municipality of Korb became part of the town of Möckmühl , on September 1, 1971 the municipality of Unterkessach became part of the city of Widdern , on February 1, 1972 the municipality of Kleineicholzheim became part of the municipality of Schefflenz and on March 1, 1972 the municipality of Ruchsen became part of City of Möckmühl incorporated. Korb, Ruchsen and Unterkessach came to the district of Heilbronn , Kleineicholzheim to the district of Mosbach .

With effect from January 1, 1973, the district of Buchen was dissolved. His area was mainly in the newly formed Neckar-Odenwald district . Some communities also came to the Heilbronn district , the Hohenlohe district and the Main-Tauber district . The legal successor to the district of Buchen was the Neckar-Odenwald district.

Population development

All population figures are census results.

year Residents
May 17, 1939 45.162
September 13, 1950 65,561
year Residents
June 6, 1961 62,073
May 27, 1970 67,557


District Administrator

The senior officials or district administrators of the district office or district of Buchen 1824–1972:

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the district of Buchen showed a six-spoke silver wheel in red above, with the stems of a golden beech leaf with golden fruit and red core and a golden ear of corn crossed at an angle below. The coat of arms was awarded in 1968 by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior .

The wheel stands for the earlier affiliation of some municipalities to the ore monastery Mainz . The beech stands for the Odenwald and the ear for the grain-rich building land. Both landscapes have a share in the district area.

Economy and Infrastructure


The district area was touched in the southeast by the federal motorway 81 Stuttgart-Würzburg, which was still in the construction phase at the time the district was dissolved. The federal highways 27 , 37 and 292 also ran through the district.


Starting in 1938, the Buchen district initially comprised 76 municipalities, including 6 towns.

On March 7, 1968, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg set the course for a community reform . With the law to strengthen the administrative power of smaller municipalities , it was possible for smaller municipalities to voluntarily unite to form larger municipalities. It all started with the municipality of Hemsbach in the district of Buchen, which merged with the city of Osterburken on January 1, 1971 . After that, the number of municipalities steadily decreased until the district of Buchen was finally abolished on January 1, 1973.

The largest municipality in the district was the city of Walldürn . The smallest community was Kaltenbrunn.

In the table, the municipalities of the district of Buchen are before the municipal reform. The population figures refer to the census results in 1961 and 1970.

former parish today's parish today's district Resident
on June 6, 1961
on May 27, 1970
Adelsheim , city Noble home Neckar-Odenwald district 2829 3361
Altheim Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 1242 1214
Ballenberg , city Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 437 448
Berolzheim maple Main-Tauber district 643 606
Bödigheim Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 880 899
Bofsheim Osterburken Neckar-Odenwald district 394 385
Bretzingen Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 507 484
Bronnacker Rosenberg Neckar-Odenwald district 180 156
Book on the maple maple Main-Tauber district 373 349
Buchen (Odenwald) , city Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 4670 6003
Donebach Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 444 429
Dornberg Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 131 112
Eberstadt Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 461 456
Einbach Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 167 172
Erfeld Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 415 399
Erlenbach Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 321 329
Eubigheim maple Main-Tauber district 715 747
Richtstetten Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 732 706
Gerolzahn Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 132 143
Glass furnace Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 302 270
Gommersdorf Krautheim Hohenlohe district 547 594
Gottersdorf Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 195 188
Goetzingen Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 843 879
Großeicholzheim Seckach Neckar-Odenwald district 995 1080
Hainstadt Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 1516 1850
Hardheim Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 3879 4671
Heidersbach Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 510 561
Hemsbach Osterburken Neckar-Odenwald district 134 150
Hettigenbeuern Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 386 425
Hettingen Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 1861 2174
Hirschlanden Rosenberg Neckar-Odenwald district 441 423
Hohenstadt maple Main-Tauber district 274 243
Hollerbach Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 139 199
Höpfingen Höpfingen Neckar-Odenwald district 2344 2447
Hornbach Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 230 217
Horrenbach Krautheim Hohenlohe district 57 56
Hüngheim Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 424 386
Kaltenbrunn Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 49 41
Kleineicholzheim Schefflenz Neckar-Odenwald district 257 298
Klepsau Krautheim Hohenlohe district 391 400
basket Möckmühl Heilbronn 399 355
Krautheim , city Krautheim Hohenlohe district 1197 1667
Langenelz Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 311 293
Laudenberg Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 436 477
Leibenstadt Noble home Neckar-Odenwald district 359 337
Merchingen Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 859 891
Moerschenhardt Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 226 214
Mudau Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 1755 2107
Neunstetten Krautheim Hohenlohe district 421 392
Oberndorf Krautheim Hohenlohe district 139 131
Oberneudorf Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 102 104
Oberwittstadt Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 655 614
Osterburken , city Osterburken Neckar-Odenwald district 2805 3373
Reinhard Saxony Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 138 139
Reisenbach Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 370 355
Rinschheim Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 348 355
Rippberg Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 811 971
Rosenberg Rosenberg Neckar-Odenwald district 950 974
Ruchs Möckmühl Heilbronn 356 329
Hulls Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 70 62
Rütschdorf Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 76 64
Scheidental Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 464 439
Shear rings Limbach Neckar-Odenwald district 306 316
Schilling city maple Main-Tauber district 503 454
Schlierstadt Osterburken Neckar-Odenwald district 755 846
Schlossau Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 907 898
Schweinberg Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 677 681
Seckach Seckach Neckar-Odenwald district 1847 2019
Sennfeld Noble home Neckar-Odenwald district 1153 1181
Sindolsheim Rosenberg Neckar-Odenwald district 593 559
Steinbach Mudau Neckar-Odenwald district 355 292
Stürzenhardt Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 86 83
Lower compartment Rams Heilbronn 308 310
Untereudorf Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 94 84
Unterwittstadt Ravenstein Neckar-Odenwald district 142 149
Vollmersdorf Hardheim Neckar-Odenwald district 67 59
Waldhausen Beeches (Odenwald) Neckar-Odenwald district 580 584
Waldstetten Höpfingen Neckar-Odenwald district 636 628
Walldürn , city Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 7356 7982
Wettersdorf Walldürn Neckar-Odenwald district 161 131
Winzenhofen Schöntal Hohenlohe district 297 303
Rooms Seckach Neckar-Odenwald district 556 572

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinctive sign BCH when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It was issued until December 31, 1972. It has been available again in the Neckar-Odenwald district since February 25, 2013 due to the license plate liberalization .

Individual evidence

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