Upper Black Forest district

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Coat of arms of the Upper Black Forest district
Upper Black Forest district
Map of Germany, position of the Hochschwarzwald district highlighted

Coordinates: 47 ° 55 '  N , 8 ° 10'  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
Existing period: 1938-1972
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : South Baden
Administrative headquarters : Neustadt in the Black Forest
Area : 718 km 2
Residents: 45,406 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 63 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : NEW
Circle key : 08 3 40
Circle structure: 49 municipalities
Location of the Upper Black Forest district in Baden-Württemberg
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The Upper Black Forest district ( Neustadt / Black Forest district until November 10, 1956 ) was a district in Baden-Württemberg that was dissolved on January 1, 1973 as part of the district reform .



The Upper Black Forest district was located in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg .

Geographically, the Upper Black Forest district had a 4/5 share of the Black Forest , which is already expressed by the name of the district. A fifth of the Raumschaft Bonndorf and Löffingen belonged to the east of the Black Forest located Baar . The district seat of Neustadt in the Black Forest (today Titisee-Neustadt ) was roughly in the northern center of the district. At almost 850 m above sea ​​level , it was the highest district town in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Neighboring areas

Its neighbors were in 1972 clockwise starting in the north of Donaueschingen , Waldshut , Säckingen , Lörrach , Freiburg and Emmendingen .


Before 1800, the area that would later become the Upper Black Forest district belonged mainly to the Principality of Fürstenberg and the County of Bonndorf . In 1803, the area came to Baden , which initially formed several offices , including the offices and district offices of Bonndorf, Neustadt and St. Blasien, which have changed several times over the course of history and from 1864 belonged to the regional commissioner district of Freiburg . In 1924 the district offices of Bonndorf and St. Blasien were dissolved and some communities were assigned to the Neustadt district office. In 1936 other communities came to the Neustadt District Office and in 1939 this was given the name Neustadt District in the Black Forest.

After the formation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the district of Neustadt belonged to the administrative district of South Baden . In 1956 the name of the district was changed to "Landkreis Hochschwarzwald". As a result of the municipal reform in 1970, the district area changed in one case. On December 1, 1971, the municipality of Urach was incorporated into the town of Vöhrenbach , district of Donaueschingen (from 1973 Schwarzwald-Baar district ) and thus left the district of Upper Black Forest.

With effect from January 1, 1973, the Upper Black Forest district was dissolved. His remaining communities were mainly in the newly formed district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald , which thus became the legal successor of the district of Hochschwarzwald. However, some communities in the southern district were incorporated into the enlarged district of Waldshut .

Population development

All population figures are census results.

year Residents
May 17, 1939 33,299
September 13, 1950 39,701
year Residents
June 6, 1961 41,997
May 27, 1970 45,406


District Administrator

The senior officials or district administrators of the district office or district of Neustadt or Upper Black Forest 1803–1972:

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Hochschwarzwald district showed above a green shield base, in it two silver wavy strips, in green a silver three-mountain over which a silver stag jumps. The coat of arms was already adopted by the district council in 1955. Since the legal requirements for district coats of arms were only created by the district order of 1956, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior officially awarded the coat of arms to the Upper Black Forest district on July 13, 1960.

The coat of arms symbols should reflect the landscape of the district. The Dreiberg stands for the Black Forest, the wave bars for the two large lakes in the district (Titisee and Schluchsee) and the stag is intended to indicate the abundance of game.

Economy and Infrastructure


There was no federal motorway running through the district . Therefore, the district was only developed through federal highways, namely the B 31 , the B 317 and the B 500 .


From 1936 onwards, 49 municipalities initially belonged to the Neustadt district, of which 4 were towns.

On March 7, 1968, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg set the course for a community reform . With the law to strengthen the administrative power of smaller municipalities , it was possible for smaller municipalities to voluntarily unite to form larger municipalities. The beginning in the Hochschwarzwald district was made on January 1, 1970 by the municipality of Seppenhofen, which merged with the city of Löffingen. In the period that followed, the number of communities steadily decreased until the Upper Black Forest district was finally dissolved on January 1, 1973.

The largest municipality in the district was the district town of Neustadt in the Black Forest. The smallest community was Ebnet.

In the table, the municipalities of the Hochschwarzwald district are before the municipal reform. The population figures refer to the census results in 1961 and 1970.

former parish today's parish today's district Resident
on June 6, 1961
on May 27, 1970
Old glass works Feldberg (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 435 469
Bachheim Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 385 364
Bernau Bernau in the Black Forest Waldshut 1319 1384
Blasiwald Schluchsee Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 349 340
Boll Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 152 137
Bonndorf , city Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 2556 3192
Breitnau Breitnau Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 1628 1582
Well veins Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 155 132
Bubenbach Eisenbach (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 308 325
Dittishausen Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 421 506
Level Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 93 107
Eisenbach Eisenbach (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 765 1010
Ewattingen Wutach Waldshut 723 769
Falkau Feldberg (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 439 464
Lazy Lord Schluchsee Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 165 154
Feldberg (Black Forest) Feldberg (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 599 535
Fischbach Schluchsee Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 243 231
Friedenweiler Friedenweiler Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 578 585
Goeschweiler Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 443 451
Grafenhausen Grafenhausen Waldshut 1338 1493
Gündelwangen Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 397 421
Houses Houses Waldshut 795 953
Hinterzarten Hinterzarten Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 2001 2151
Felling Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 189 200
Chapel Lenzkirch Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 501 538
Long order Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 236 270
Lenzkirch Lenzkirch Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 2047 2305
Löffingen , city Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 2312 2825
Menzenschwand St. Blasien Waldshut 557 550
Münchingen Wutach Waldshut 235 231
Neustadt in the Black Forest , city Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 6903 7776
Oberbränd Eisenbach (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 314 406
Raitenbuch Lenzkirch Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 189 178
Reiselfingen Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 502 540
Rötenbach Friedenweiler Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 870 980
Rudenberg Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 232 235
Saig Lenzkirch Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 685 682
St. Blasien , city St. Blasien Waldshut 3197 3018
St. Märgen St. Märgen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 1590 1604
Schluchsee Schluchsee Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 1040 1113
Schollach Eisenbach (Black Forest) Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 355 339
Schönenbach Schluchsee Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 166 135
Schwärzenbach Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 312 298
Seppenhofen Loeffingen Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 373 -
Titisee Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 1921 2047
Urach Voehrenbach Schwarzwald-Baar district 482 452
Waldau Titisee-Neustadt Breisgau-Upper Black Forest 309 306
Wave things Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 363 402
Wittlekofen Bonndorf in the Black Forest Waldshut 203 221

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinctive sign NEW when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It is derived from the district town of Neustadt and was issued until December 31, 1972.

Individual evidence

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