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A municipal administration association (GVV) in Germany is an amalgamation of several municipalities in the same district . The member communities assign various tasks to the association. For example, the administrations can be merged, which can save money. An example of this would be that the citizens who live in these united communities no longer receive their tax assessments from the local town hall, but from the association administration. The municipal administration associations are corporations under public law (not regional authorities ), headed by an association chairman. However, the member communities retain their legal independence (e.g. GVV Raum Weinsberg ).

There are local government associations in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse . In Baden-Württemberg, the tasks of a community administration association can be assigned to a community (“fulfilling community”) within the framework of an agreed administrative association (VVG), in Hesse within an administrative association .

Other federal states

In other federal states there are similar associations with different names:

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