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An administrative association is a form of communal cooperation between municipalities in Saxony . The municipal association is a public corporation with its own legal capacity .


Administrative associations consist of several neighboring member communities of a common district , with each community only being able to belong to one administrative association.

The association assembly is the central organ of the administrative association. It consists of the official, full-time association chairman who heads the association assembly, the mayors of the member communities and additional representatives per community depending on the number of inhabitants.


The tasks of the administrative association are determined by paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Saxon Law on Municipal Cooperation (SächsKomZG). Certain tasks are transferred to the administrative association, while other tasks are carried out on behalf of the member communities. The own tasks include the preparatory land-use planning ( land use plan ) as well as instruction tasks according to § 2 Para. 3 Municipal Code for the Free State of Saxony (SächsGemO), such as B. act as the lower building supervisory authority . Tasks that the administrative association carries out for the member communities according to their instructions are the preparation and execution of their resolutions, day-to-day administration and representation in court proceedings. Further tasks can be assigned to the administrative association by means of a public law contract .

Overview of the administrative associations in Saxony

As of January 1, 2015 there are six administrative associations with 21 member communities in Saxony.

Current administrative associations
Surname district Member municipalities
Administrative Association Am Klosterwasser
( Upper Sorbian Zarjadniski zwjazk "Při Klóšterskej wodźe" )
Bautzen district Crostwitz , Nebelschütz , Panschwitz-Kuckau , Räckelwitz , Ralbitz-Rosenthal
Administrative association Diehsa Goerlitz district Hohendubrau , Mücka , Quitzdorf am See , Waldhufen
Administrative association Eilenburg-West Northern Saxony district Jesewitz , Zschepplin
Administrative Association Jägerswald Vogtland district Bergen , Theuma , Tirpersdorf , Werda
Administrative association Weißer Schöps / Neisse Goerlitz district Horka , Kodersdorf , Neißeaue , Schöpstal
Administrative association Wildenstein Erzgebirgskreis Börnichen / Erzgeb. , Grünhainichen

The following administrative associations were dissolved (incomplete):

Former administrative associations
Surname district Member municipalities
(at the time of dissolution)
Administrative association at the Klingenberg dam Weißeritzkreis Colmnitz , Dorfhain , Klingenberg
Berggießhübel-Land administrative association Saxon Switzerland district Bahratal , Berggießhübel , Dohma , Langenhennersdorf
Administrative association Grüner Grund Erzgebirgskreis Drebach , Venusberg
Administrative association Heidedörfer Lower Silesian Upper Lusatia District Klitten , Kreba-Neudorf , Mücka
Landberg administrative association Weißeritzkreis Kesselsdorf , Mohorn , Pohrsdorf
Administrative association Rosenbach Vogtland district Leubnitz , Mehltheuer , Syrau
Administrative Association of the Vogtland Forest Area Vogtland district Hammerbrücke , Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz , Tannenbergsthal
Administrative association Wiedemar Northern Saxony district Neukyhna , Wiedemar , Zwochau

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