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The designation Stadtkreis stands in Germany for a municipality with a special position within the structure of the state area. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the name is only used in the state of Baden-Württemberg .

Depending on the geographical and historical context, the term also had various other meanings in Germany. In the former German states of Prussia and Thuringia , cities with their own district association were called urban districts. The term was later used in various other countries of the German Empire . In the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the name stood for larger cities that were not administratively assigned to a district, see: Stadtkreis (GDR) .


In Baden-Württemberg an urban district is a city that does not belong to any district. The city administration is also responsible for the tasks of the lower administrative authority, which is the district office in the district. Other countries in Germany use the term " Kreisfrei Stadt " for this, in Austria one speaks of statutory cities .

German Democratic Republic (GDR)


In the past there were city districts only in the Kingdom of Prussia , isolated from 1815 (immediate cities ) and since 1872 in general, and in Thuringia .

These were larger cities (usually over 25,000 inhabitants) that formed their own district association.

Historical overview

The historical overview shows the designation for the urban districts in the federal states of the German Reich in 1938.

country designation Remarks
Stop Urban district
to bathe - The seven city districts belonged to the administrative districts of the same name, Baden-Baden to the administrative district of Rastatt. They weren't a circle.
Bavaria City in the immediate vicinity The name means city ​​in the immediate vicinity of the administrative district, i.e. directly subordinate to the administrative district . Only the immediate cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants and the city of Rosenheim were urban districts.
Braunschweig - The city of Braunschweig formed an urban district that belonged to the Braunschweig district.
Bremen city
Hamburg city
Hesse Urban district
lip -
Mecklenburg Independent municipality Neubrandenburg was an independent city district, but not a city district.
Oldenburg city
Prussia Urban district The generic term for all urban and rural districts was district .
Saarland Urban district
Saxony District-free city
Schaumburg-Lippe -
Thuringia Urban district Zella-Mehlis was an independent city, but not an urban district.
Württemberg Urban district The urban districts without the city of Stuttgart belonged to the districts of the same name, Schwenningen to the Rottweil district. They weren't a circle.

Reich uniform regulation

With effect from January 1, 1939, the name Stadtkreis was defined uniformly for the German Reich . Only in Mecklenburg was it called an independent city district .

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Individual evidence

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