State of Mecklenburg

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State of Mecklenburg was the name between 1934 and 1952

  1. for the united Mecklenburg from the Free States Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Mecklenburg-Schwerin , which were reunited in 1934 under National Socialist pressure under Reich Governor Friedrich Hildebrandt ;
  2. for the land that was created in 1945 from Mecklenburg and the remnants of the Prussian province of Pomerania that remained with Germany and the Neuhaus office, which until then belonged to the Prussian province of Hanover , and was initially called Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . In 1947, on Soviet orders, this country was given the official name "Mecklenburg".


After the fall of the monarchy in the (partial) grand duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1918, both parts of the country briefly achieved political independence as free states from 1918/19 . They maintained separate state parliaments, gave their own constitutions, but adhered to the common higher court of appeal. As early as 1926, the government of Mecklenburg-Strelitz tried to force an agreement with Mecklenburg-Schwerin in court, but it failed. It was not until 1934 that the unified state of Mecklenburg came into being under pressure from Reich Governor Friedrich Hildebrandt.

In 1937, the state of Mecklenburg lost by the Greater Hamburg Act , the enclaves of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in Schleswig-Holstein (the Domhof Ratzeburg and the communities Hammer, Mannhagen, Panten , Horst, forest field), in the Duchy of Lauenburg were integrated . In return, Mecklenburg received the communities of Utecht and Schattin (now part of Lüdersdorf ), which had previously belonged to Lübeck . It also received the previously Pomeranian exclave around Zettemin near Stavenhagen .

History from 1945

Administrative division


City districts

  1. Guestrow
  2. Neubrandenburg
  3. Neustrelitz
  4. Rostock
  5. Schwerin
  6. Wismar


  1. District of Güstrow
  2. District of Hagenow
  3. Ludwigslust district
  4. Malchin County
  5. Parchim district
  6. Rostock district
  7. District of Schönberg
  8. Schwerin district
  9. Stargard County
  10. Waren district
  11. Wismar district


Mecklenburg in the GDR (1949–1952)

City districts

  1. Greifswald (until 1950)
  2. Güstrow (until 1950)
  3. Neubrandenburg (until 1946)
  4. Neustrelitz (until 1946)
  5. Rostock
  6. Schwerin
  7. Stralsund
  8. Wismar


  1. Anklam district
  2. Demmin district
  3. Greifswald district
  4. Grimmen district
  5. District of Güstrow
  6. District of Hagenow
  7. Ludwigslust district
  8. Malchin County
  9. District of Neubrandenburg (from 1946)
  10. Neustrelitz district (from 1946)
  11. Parchim district
  12. District of Pasewalk (from 1950)
  13. Randow district (until 1950)
  14. Rostock district
  15. Rügen district
  16. District of Schönberg (from 1950 district of Grevesmühlen )
  17. Schwerin district
  18. Stargard district (until 1946)
  19. Stralsund district
  20. District of Ueckermünde (until 1950)
  21. Usedom district
  22. Waren district
  23. Wismar district