Wang Xin (biathlete)

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Wang Xin biathlon
Association China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China
status resigned
Medal table
AS medals 0 × gold 0 × silver 1 × bronze
Asian Games logo Winter Asian Games
bronze 2003 Aomori Season
World Cup balance
last change: December 7, 2010

Wang Xin is a former Chinese biathlete .

Wang Xin took part in the biathlon competitions at the 2003 Winter Asian Games in Aomori and was used in all three races. He finished 13th in the sprint and 14th in the pursuit race. In the relay race he won the bronze medal on the side of Qiu Lianhai , Zhang Hongjun and Zhang Qing behind the relays from Japan and South Korea.

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