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title Wapi
author Benoit Boëlens
Jacques Acar
Illustrator Paul Cuvelier
publishing company Lombard
magazine Tintin
First publication 1962-1966

Wapi is a Franco-Belgian comic strip drawn in a realistic style by Paul Cuvelier .

The adventure with the Indian boy Wapi as the title hero appeared for the first time in 1962 in the Belgian and French editions of Tintin and in the Dutch version Kuifje . The sequel story was written by Benoït Boëlens under the stage name Benoit. A six-page short story based on an idea by Jacques Acar was later published.

Lombard began in 1969 in the series Une histoire du journal Tintin with the album edition. Further editions followed in 1978, 1981 and 1985 by other publishers.

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