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Wolfgang Ayass (2012)

Wolfgang Ayaß (born June 24, 1954 in Marbach am Neckar ) is a German historian , social worker and university professor.


Wolfgang Ayaß studied social work at the Kassel University from 1976 to 1981 and graduated as a qualified social worker / qualified social pedagogue. He then worked for several years as a social worker in a stationary facility for the homeless in Karlsruhe . In 1985 he took up a second degree in sociology, political science and history at the comprehensive university in Kassel , which he completed in 1988 with a master's degree . Afterwards he was a doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel , where he obtained his doctorate in 1991. phil. with the dissertation Das Arbeitshaus Breitenau. Beggars, vagrants, prostitutes, pimps and welfare recipients in the correctional and rural poor institution in Breitenau (1874–1949) . Subsequently, he was a lecturer at the University of Göttingen and the University of Kassel, where he qualified as a professor there in 2000 for social policy on the subject of “anti- social ” under National Socialism . Initially, he worked as a private lecturer at his place of work and has been teaching at the University of Kassel as an adjunct professor for social policy since 2007 and in the summer semester 2011 as a substitute professor in the human sciences department .

Since 1992 he has been working for the " Collection of Sources on the History of German Social Policy 1867 to 1914 " project of the Historical Commission of the Academy of Sciences and Literature (Mainz), from 2004 as head of the department, since 2016 as head of the project. There he edited, among other things, source volumes on worker protection, accident insurance, health and pension insurance.

The focus of his research is on German social policy in the German Empire , the Weimar Republic and, in particular, on “non-community members” during the National Socialist era . The exhibition he designed in 2004 for the Homeless under National Socialism has so far been shown in around 100 cities.

Ayass is committed to the Breitenau memorial and is a member of the social policy section of the German Society for Sociology .


  • Science Award of the Association for Hessian History and Regional Studies 1990 (for the dissertation Das Arbeitshaus Breitenau )

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