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Gunnar Richter (* 1953 in Hamburg ) is a German educator , co-founder and former head of the memorial of the Breitenau concentration camp in Guxhagen and participant in dOCUMENTA (13) .

life and work

Gunnar Richter studied social studies and art at the University of Kassel (today the University of Kassel ) for teaching at grammar schools. He completed his legal clerkship at the grammar school Philippinum Weilburg in 1982/83 and worked at the Breitenau memorial from 1984 - initially on contract level, then as a research assistant and since 1990 as director of the memorial. In 1985, together with Hanne Wiltsch, in a research project led by Dietfrid Krause-Vilmar , he began to further develop the museum's educational work at the Breitenau memorial and thus participated in the network of memorials for the victims of National Socialism established by Thomas Lutz .

In 1985 Richter took part in the international seminar of the Evangelical Academy Berlin with the title “Memorial work in East and West - How can history be conveyed to the youth?”, A first international exchange of memorial representatives from Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland , Czechoslovakia, the GDR, the Federal Republic and the USA. In 1988, revised seminar contributions were published on this with Hesse's collaboration. In 1987, another seminar took place at the International Youth Meeting Center in Auschwitz , which dealt with works of art created in camps by victims of Nazi persecution. A book was also published about this seminar. In 1993 Richter published a book about the history of Breitenau with a focus on the time of National Socialism .

Richter received his doctorate in 2004 at the University of Kassel with Jens Flemming and Ulrich Mayer on the history of the Breitenau labor education camp (1940–1945) and how society dealt with this past.

The Breitenau monastery was one of the exhibition venues for dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012. As a participant in this exhibition, Richter published his work on the university publication server of the University of Kassel.

Richter was retired as head of the Breitenau memorial in 2019.

Exhibition project group Breitenau

Since 1979 Richter was a member of the "Breitenau project group" led by Dietfrid Krause-Vilmar . In 1981, at the University of Kassel, he presented a local historical study in the form of a sound slide series on research into a mass murder at the end of the Second World War in Breitenau and the later handling of this crime. In 1982 he was invited to show this sound slide series as part of the program of the Free International University (FIU) by Joseph Beuys at Documenta 7 . However, this exhibition was not part of the official FIU program, although it was announced in the FIU program. At the end of August 1982 an exhibition by the project group on the history of Breitenau during the Nazi era was shown under the title “Remembering Breitenau 1933-1945” together with the sound slide series parallel to Documenta 7 at the Kassel Art College . At the end of 1982 this exhibition was set up as a permanent exhibition in the former tithe barn of the Breitenau monastery, which was redesigned from 1990–1992 by the artist Stephan von Borstel. The Breitenau memorial was founded in 1984.

Publications (selection)

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