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Wehha (also Wehh and Guercha ; * unknown; † around 571) was possibly the first king of East Anglia after the union of Norfolk and Suffolk in the 6th century .

The tradition from this early period of Anglo-Saxon rule is very sparse and unreliable. According to his genealogy in the Historia Brittonum ( history of the British ) he was the son of Guillem, son of Hryp, son of Hroðmund, son of Trygil, son of Tyttman, son of Caser, son of Wodan . No information has been passed on about his rule.

He was succeeded by his son Wuffa , after whom the later kings of East Anglia named their dynasty Wuffinger .

Wehha in the Textus Roffensis
Ælfwald (Alfwald Aldwulfing)
Ealdwulf Ældwulf Æðelricing
Æthelric (Æþelric Ening)
Eni (Eni Tytling)
Tyttla (Tytla Wuffing)
Wuffa (Wuffa Wehhing)
Wehha (Wehh Wilhelming)
Wilhelm (Wilhelm Hrypping)
Hryp (Hryp Hroðmunding)
Hrothmund (Hroðmund Trigling)
Trygil (Trygil Tymaning)
Tyttman (Tytman Casericg)
Casar (Caser Wodning)
Wodan (Woden Frealafing)


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  1. Historia Brittonum 59
predecessor Office successor
- King of East Anglia
unknown – around 571